Best Tips to Shop on a Budget

December 12, 2017

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Shopping. Everyone loves shopping. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, foods, and entertainment are the common things that people invest for. However, in the midst of the happiness and enjoyment, sometimes the accumulation expenses are way out of our budget. As the consequences, we need to bare the broke season until the next payday.
Good news! You do not have to be worried about the budget anymore because here are some tips that provide you alternative ways to shop on a budget. You just need to make sure that you have all these in your pocket. There is a bonus tip at the very end of this article too.
Plan Your Meals for That Week
A good planning of meals will assist you to provide an efficient shopping list and you will know what exactly you should buy before you go shopping. You plan what you want to eat a few days ahead of time so that you could get the needed ingredients without over splurging. 
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  1. i rarely went out shopping but does spent more money on food. hihi

    1. Samalah kita. I don't really shop but masya Allah, the money that I have spent to buy food and groceries :/

    2. Yes gals... I fell you to the root. I also spend more and even more on food rather than other things hahahah.. then complaining about weight gain hahaha

  2. hahahaha kadang dah plan cantik dah tapi nafsu makan tu zahabedah suka nau mengacau

  3. I loveeee online shopping kikiki

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