Half Grilled Chicken at Tashmatash

December 09, 2017

Happy Dinner guys!

Last night I just ate Samyang, so tonight I will revenge! I had a half grilled chicken for my dinner. Malacca obviously has a lot of middle eastern food places and one of the is Tashmatash.

Actually, this is not my first time. It has been a "must menu" every time I eat here. Plus, a glass of Iced Chocolate. Phewwww...
My Iced Choc is on the top right 
Can you see that?

A bulk of chicken meat with a bunch of fun fries and a fresh wrap. Half Grilled Chicken is literally meant A HALF OF CHICKEN not half-grilled or half -cooked chicken. I don't know, the menu says like that. I think they should say Half Chicken Grill tho. Hahaha...

Do you think I can finish this? Of course! Come on hahaha...

What's special at Tashmatash is their Garlic Sauce. Oh seriously, I really really really love their Garlic Sauce. I have tried at many places but none of them can beat the garlic sauce here.

Other than this monster menu, they also serve Manakeesh and "Nasi Arab" a lot. The price is also reasonable, it suits its taste.

You know what, you should try it by yourself.

Here are some details:

Address: Restoran Tash-Matash, Jalan Bbi 5, Taman Bukit Beruang Indah, 75450 Malacca
Hours:  9:00AM – 1:45AM
Phone: 06-231 1540

p/s: I think should change my niche to a Food Blogger. Hahahaha!!!

Till next time!

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  1. ayam dia memang besar betul, puas makan ni

    1. Haah memang besar betul! Makan sampai tak larat hahaha

  2. terliur ~ hahaha.. tapi jauhnya dekat melaka.. :D

    1. Hehehe jemput lah bila2 datang Melaka jalan2 :)

  3. Omg it looks soo yummeh! I went to Melaka last week. Should've read this before hee

    1. Oh my, you must be so regretful right? hahaha put this in your wishlist please hahaha