A Cat's Diary

December 01, 2016

Day 251

Hye, as usual, I'm Cat. This is my diary obviously. I was adopted to a hilarious family. At first, I think they will love me like I always dream during my life in the street. But the reality is, my captors, continue to torment me with bizarre dangling objects. Do they think it's funny?

The answer is NO!
Cats do like dangling things but not me. I'm Cat!

They eat lavish meals in my presence while I am forced to subsist on dry, hard and colorless cereal. Peeps, cats also have it own cat's taste lol. We love some fish-like-pallet that taste of Salmon or Tuna. We love low-fat milk with some chocolate essence in it.

Where is the humanity that I always here on TV? It says majority of hooman will never let their pet sick, hungry and sad for no reason. It's inhumane and cruel, but why I am treated like this. Hooman!! are you hear me??

Nevermind, Cat is strong and the only thing that keeps me going is the hope of eventual escape and the satisfaction I get from occasionally ruining some piece of their furniture.

Sometimes I would like to ruin it again and again because life sucks tho. Upon it busted, the brother will blame his sister of doing that and the mother ended by scolding both of them. Meowww... idiot! *devil smile

I fear I may be going insane. Yesterday, I flipped my cat-pot and I ate their houseplant. Tomorrow I may eat another or find some grasses. I want to provoke and stand for my right. This can not happen. I want a better life.  Be right back, the silly small creature started to cry. *sigh


*Too much cartoon influence*  Thanks to The Secret Life of Pets 

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  1. ohhh dari movie tu rupanya awak dapat idea. hahaa. gigih saya baca ketiga-tiga cats diary awak buat ni, kalau ade yang ke-4 and so on, saya akan bace lagi. sebabbb best! ^w^

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes!.. I get the idea from this movie. So cool right. Thanks for supporting me. More diaries are coming!

  2. Kikiki.. Comel betul kucing nie memberontak..