A Cat's Diary 2

January 31, 2017

Day 295

Hi creatures, this is me, Cat, again. This week obviously giving me a cat-headache, a cat-stomachache and also a cat-heart-ache, I think so...

Hate it when all people are going back to their hometown especially in this long holiday week. It's not because I miss them. FOR GODCAT SAKE NO!!! but it's because hm... yeah there are some reasons that I couldn't explain in the cat-words.

My captors locked me in this cramp cage, supplied me an unlimited sky-juice, 5 pots of dry and hard cereal and some half-cozy cloth (rag) for me.

Is this the way hooman show love? So inhumane and cruel!

I hope some of the cat-lawyers read this and stand for my cat's right!!! If this happens, I can proceed to my next plan on kicking my captors in the jail because of cat abuse.

I so suck here. I'm done with all those "lavish" expired cereal and clear water. I already pooped at every edge and I can't stand the smell anymore. It strikes my head severely. I need to think a way out.

I'm a cat and my grandCatdad was a Tiger and from that, I believe I have the Lion spirit which is my ancestors. It makes a perfect sense right? I need to have my pride stand at the right place. Hooman should not be given any change after this. I need to do something.

There must be some tuna and sardine and also milk in the fridge. I must put my tail off of this living hell. But how? Hm...

MY CLAWS!! yes, my claws may be helpful. I've never done this before but I believe it must be a tremendous idea.

GodCat, Please, please, please, I'm begging you. hear my voice. Hooman, ready for revenge! *bad-cat smile


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  1. lalalala...im done reading it. He forced me to post this and read it too, but I'm having fun reading so...;)

  2. Yeah!! Revenge time.. Go for it Cat..