A Cat's Diary 6

May 07, 2017

Day 677

Have you read about The Murderer? Last time I was in hurry from all those chaos. 

Today, I will tell you what was happening last time. Kithara. Yes, she is the one who must be responsible for all my claws.

On Monday, my captors went home as usually from their office. I drove the day as planned since the presence of the bird that insisted me to change the whole schedule.

I never did this but on that day I decapitated a mouse and brought them the headless body, in an attempt to make them aware of what I am capable of, and to try to strike fear into their hearts. I walked in front of them with the headless body in my mouth.

I thought hooman would scream and run here and there when I did that. But, they only cooed and condescended about what a good little cat I was. Hmmm... Not working according to plan. 

Kill rats on Thursday, canceled.

Three days later, in the midnight, a loud yell broke the silence of the night. It was from the kitchen and it was the wife. I saw a lot of headless rats on the floor. But, believe me, that was not me. I stopped killing rats since that Monday. Well, sometimes I chased them but I didn't kill. 

I have a month supply of food and dry pallets. And I love my belly for sure, why should I waste them for the rats. 

The wife looked at me with anger. Hatred engulfed her heart. Her face turned red. Then the husband came and caught me. I was put in a smaller cage, which is not mine. My claws were cut and I was put in the basement, locked in a small cage. It was dark and cold.

Then suddenly, the door is cracking and someone is walking in. TAP TAP TAP... It was the bird! 

"Cat...Cat...Cat....Poor little idiot cat!"

"Who are you?!"

"I'm Kithara, Anjingarang sent me here for an assassination of killing you!" 

"The Murderer," I said silently.

"Yes! I never thought that the son of Kuchenganas is this easy to be killed."

"You will get the revenge!"

"Oh... talk to my wings Cat! Have a nice sleep kitty cat. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

"LET ME GO!!!!!"

Kithara left me in the basement. Anjingarang is the son of Dorgamose and Kuchenganas is the name of my father. I never thought that they will find me here. Careless!

I have contacted several cats for help, but no one reply. I am so worried. I need to find ways to fight. 

"Great Cats never fall", I will remember that dad!


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  1. Alamak.. Semoga ada kawan-kawan Cat yang datang membantu.. Kesian Cat