How Can You Earn At Least RM20 Per Day Online?

Need some cash fast? These top 5 tips will have you covered in no time.

No one’s immune to needing some extra money here and there. It happens. An unexpected bill pops up and the next paycheck doesn’t come for a couple of days.

At least you’ll know what resources to tap when you need to!

1. Take Surveys

Taking surveys online is something some people love, and others hate. There’s not an in-between. But, the truth is that they can come in handy when you need some extra cash. I’ve personally made RM25 last week by taking surveys from MOBROG. The minimum payout is 4 GPB which is equivalent to RM22. It's actually so easy to achieve that minimum in a week because the available survey is a lot.

So, let’s face it: surveys are easy. You can take them on your computer or mobile device, depending on the panel, and answer a series of questions to make money.

Some survey panels even pay in straight cash, rather than points, which makes it easy to know what you’ve made so far.

Some even offer USD 1.50 for a survey

2. Resell Stuff

Tap into the things you have or find things at cheap prices at flea markets or yard sales. Then, resell them for higher prices! The internet gives you so many ways to earn money from things you already have. You can try to use the e-commerce platform such as Shopee or Carousell to start!

Or, you can also trade-in at a certain shop that lets you get some money back for things like movies, video games, phones, and books.

3. Set Up a Freelance

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make cash fast because you’ll utilize skills you already have to do something for your clients. Almost half of all Millennial workers are currently freelancing, either full-time or in addition to their regular jobs!

Almost anyone has a skill that they can turn into a freelance gig. Good at writing? Write blogs or social media content for businesses. Have you designed your own WordPress themes? Start earning cash doing the same for new bloggers.

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4. Sell Your Photos

Photographers can absolutely turn a hobby into a full-fledged business if they have enough talent. However, if you want to make money fast, you won’t necessarily have the time to build a photography business, which can often take some money to get started.

Instead, utilize the web to sell some of your photos fast. Several stock photo sites like Shutterstock will pay for your exclusive photos. You can also start to do a weeding, pre-graduation, and newborn photography service.

5. Get Crafty

There are so many ways to make money on crafts, so if you’re crafty and creative, you’re in luck! First, you might want to try selling crafts at local craft fairs.

You can usually get set up for RM20 or less for a table and have access to all the customers that come through the door wanting to buy unique goodies for their homes.

You can also sell online. Etsy is one of the best places to sell crafts. Set up a shop and sell directly to Etsy customers. But for Malaysians, Instagram is the best platform for online selling. You can upload a lot of your artwork on your feed.

Depending on your type of skills, there are a variety of other places that pay for art, graphics, and other creative work.


Lastly, the main idea for every effort is our own determination to succeed. We, ourselves must be the one that are willing to take initiative and work for it.

Hopefully, these ideas set your wheels turning to come up with a quick cash-maker that works for you.

I hope that you find this answer useful!

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