October 31, 2017

Gladly to announce that I have successfully endured my first hilarious semester of my degree. Had no words to describe, I'm super penat. Need to "qada" my sleep-time for hmm one week I think.

Today I want to write about what I did on 26 October 2017. Before that let me be honest. Actually, I should go back with my friend but it was canceled due to some obstacles. Nevermind, not a big deal...

Wait, it's a big deal!

I never went home alone, but this time I took the route by myself. Since I don't freakin' know anything about the transportation system in KL, those trains particularly, so I decided to take 9 a.m bus from Melaka Sentral to TBS.

Funny right? My train was at 8 p.m and I departed from Melaka at 9 a.m. Well, I thought, "at least I will have sometimes to get lost in the town" hahaha... Not to mention, I bought some "bekal" in case I missed my lunch because I lost the track or fail to catch any train. #gelabahpeopleproblems

I'm super "gelabah" but a well-prepared person hahaha.. (well you can start judging me now)

After 2 hours on the bus, I reached TBS around 11:30 a.m. This is my hmmm... second time here, one alone, one accompanied. So, I took the chance to make myself really understand the puzzle. I took 30 minutes I guess,  to walk around the building, read every sign and pretend not to look like a freak.

I have watched some videos on the youtube too. Yes, seriously! "How to buy a ticket at TBS", "TBS Building", "How to get from TBS to KL Sentral" and etc. Until I asked one of my friends, she asked me to take a look at this website, www.myrapid.com.my. It can help me to plan my journey. You can try it too. However, I ended up by taking KTMB train, RM 2.30 and I will reach KL Sentral.

Enough with the moving giants. I finally reached KL Sentral at 1:30 p.m, means that I still have several hours to be stranded in that place. I searched for a locker to put my bag and it costs me ten ringgit phewww. #ripmoney

So, I watched Thor alone, ate alone, walked alone, sat on several public chairs alone and window shopping in some branded clothing shop alone while waiting for my secondary school friend to come. I pissed off some salesgirls too.They waited for me to choose my clothes but end up I just walked away after 10 minutes hahahahahahahahaha! Sorry gals...

I didn't buy it
I'm a total shy-man... so I used this ultimate fitting room! silly...

I met my friend at 6+ p.m and we had a dinner at Nandos. We spent time together until the train comes. I took my train and arrived Kedah safely. Finish. I hope I won't do like this again.

Hmm what is the correlation to the title? Well, I kept playing and singing the song along that day. It's WOLVES by Selena Gomez and Marshmello.

Amer Ridzuan.

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  1. First time datang TBS sesorang, saya sesat..

    1. Hahaha.. nasib baik first time amer ditemani kawan2 phewwww~~

  2. 1st semester always super penat ...
    banyak nak catch up ... mrs pip siap kena lecture oleh lecturer
    pasal tak suka kelas geologi ...

    1. Amer ada jugak subjek yang lemah and lambat sikit hahaha tp not so bad lah... what ever it is... 1st sem dah habis yeha!