New Electronic Piano from UK Academy of Music

August 24, 2020

Hi all! So, we’re here again with another topic to be discussed!
Should I practice Winter Sonata or Kiss the Rain? 

BECAUSE I JUST BOUGHT A NEW ELECTRONIC PIANO from UKAcademyofMusicGuitar (visit shopee)!

Oh, it’s my dying wish to have my own piano since I’ve actively involved in the orchestra for quite a while during high school.

Did I ever tell you that? (If not) I was an orchestra conductor for my school band. We performed a number of concerts, also both formal and informal shows. Those were the glorious days. Quite busy and tiring since I had SPM and practice every day, but worth it.

Ok, enough of a throwback.

Now, let’s unbox my electronic piano. I only bought the piano and it came with some free gifts. They also sell it in a set with Stand, Chairs, Bags, and others. You can get anything related to the piano there. It’s basically a music instrument store.

So, I got an electronic piano,


An adapter charger and a headphone. This is the main reason why I buy from them. Because I want to keep quiet when I’m practicing. I don’t want to make noise when I play it late at night. So, a headphone as a free gift is so convenience. Nice work!

Everything works very well. No defect or dent. Aaaaa, I can’t wait to have my fingers on it! I’ll update when I’ve mastered ‘em!

So, which one? Winter Sonata or Kiss the Rain? 

Tell me in the comment!

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  1. Wow you are so talented la boy!
    boleh tak Cuya nyanyi, Amer main piano? kekekekke

    playing piano is my childhood dreams

    winter sonata la..i love that relaxing and sweet..hehehe

  2. that one of my dream to able to play the keyboard .
    Do u really said you're in ochestra ? wow, congrats ~that must be a great memory to be keep with .
    Idk but i prefer winter sonata ( dont blame me , coz i'm into kpop lol )

  3. Bestnye boleh main music instruments

  4. It reminds me to old times. My school also had an orchestra team and most of my batchmates are part of them. I vote for Kiss The Rain!