Unboxing: BT Bluetooth Earphone Sunglasses Review

November 30, 2017

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You won't believe this! Today I unbox a pair of smart Bluetooth sunglasses from BTglasses.

This one does have a pair of earphone that is integrated onto the sunglasses for listening to music wirelessly when on the go. So, perhaps it's good when you are out to somewhere, for example, when you are fishing under the striking Sun and do not favor things dangling from the side of your head or maybe when you are walking at the beach but you still want to listen to the music. These sunglasses are the best choice.

In fact, it can also be used to pick up phone calls and features an inbuilt microphone for talking on the phone which definitely will minimize your time to find your mobile phone especially when you are driving.

What's in the box?

Basically, the box comes with a carry case with some extra components, for example, lenses, USB, mini screwdriver, clean cloth and user manual. (Watch the unboxing video below)

The sunglasses also provide 4 different color lenses which are white, yellow, grey and black. They are all polarized lenses which means it helps you to see an object more clearly and also help to reduce the harmful effect of UV light.

And this is the 4th lens provided which can be taken out and replaced by the other. This is the darkest lens that is suitable during the daylight while the yellow lens is suitable for night.

The interesting part is the lenses part can be flipped up when you don't want to use it. So, you can still listen to your music without taking off your sunglasses.

This is the charging USB, it takes roughly 2 hours to be completely charged. In my testing, it took roughly 5 hours of continuous playback of my Taylor Swift album before I need to recharge. It's so decent like the other average Bluetooth earphones.

Charging USB
Here comes to the most crucial part, looking at the sunglasses design, there was something bulkier than your typical pair of glasses but overall it's not too bad because it's mainly made out of plastic. So it remains for the lightweight. 

I found them to be comfortable even though I rarely wear sunglasses or prescription glasses. The nose rest is also quite wide and even when you move around, shake your head a little bit, it still stays put. That's why I also consider wearing this while I'm jogging.

Overall about the styling I would say it's quite standard. It's not anything too dramatic but it kind of reminds me of the spy sunglasses though.

Moving on to the control features.There are 3 buttons on the right-hand side. There is a forward button, reverse button and play/pause button.

The forward button and reverse button allow you to control your volume and change the songs, while the play/pause button is used to turn on/off the glasses, answer calls and play/pause the music.

If you can see, there is a small hole under the play/pause symbol. When the pairing mode is started, you will see there is an LED light (instruction light) on the inside of the hole which will flash green and red. 

There's also voice command like "Power on", "Power Off" and "Connected". The on/off and pairing process roughly takes only a few seconds.

The Bluetooth is compatible with both Android and iOS including your PC/iPhone/Nokia/HTC/Samsung/LG/Moto/PC/iPad/PSP and other Bluetooth devices.

As far as I tested, the average connection range is about 9-10 meters which can be considered as an average Bluetooth connection.

Regarding the audio performance, the "earphone hand" is scalable and hydraulic (you can watch the video below) which allows it to be adjusted to a proper position. The earbuds are quite soft and comfortable. However, it won't fit too tight inside your ear canals.

Basically, it will just rest on the outside. As the result, there is some amount of leakage so if you are sitting on the outside and having people beside you. They might hear what you are listening to.

Moving to the audio quality, I would say that I was actually surprised because I expected not too great audio performance based on the earbuds structure but I was wrong! 

Actually, they are quite loud and the bass is present but maybe will have some noise in the background if the bass is too rough.

So far I would say it's fine if you are listening to pop music but not so favorable for orchestra music because in general, most Bluetooth earphones are not going to be as great as wired earphone. That's all you should know.

About the integrated mic, there is a mic but it does not detect sound very good. As I have tested, I couldn't hear so clearly what did the caller says and they also couldn't hear me very well. Other than that is fine.

User manual
The user manual provides you the whole things that you need to know about this sunglasses.

To be concluded, I would say this sunglasses are great and actually a great innovation for the next generation where everything needs to be in one set which will definitely ease our job.

About the price, it's really inexpensive sells on Dasher for about RM89 which is fairly cheap and suits the features provided.

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/5GCrk6

Watch this unboxing video on my youtube for more:

For more information, you can go to FB Page Kedai Gadget Dasher. They have a lot more high-technology stuff that you might love to buy.

Customers can enjoy RM30 off for their purchase at Dasher. Just message them at FB Page Kadai Gadget Dasher.

Visit Dasher Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gadgetdasher

Thank you.

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