The Tote Bag with My Blog Name!!!

March 07, 2020

A few days ago, I have ordered a tote bag from Printcious! The story began when I'm so overwhelmed with the features in Printcious website where the customer can create their own design on any products that they want. So I choose a Tote Bag. 

Cute ha! 

A couple of days later, I received my parcel! So let's check out my unboxing session! Actually, the delivery was quite fast tho. It took around 3 days if I'm not mistaken. 

Alright, the packaging is not so fancy from the outside. It as packed inside a brown rectangle box and the bag was sealed in plastic. They have a card too. Romantic.

Tadaaa!!! the front design is so cringy I swear. Hahahaha. I imagined that people will look at my tote bag instead of me. So, I came out with a phrase. "Don't just look at me, look at my owner". Hahaha, classy right?

At the back, I endorsed my blog name and the link just in case this bag was misplaced, so they know where to return it back. If you really know me, you know that I prefer a minimalist style. That's why you can only see black and white. No graphics or abstracts. Just some simple wording. I'm a simple man, to be honest. Lol.

The fabric should get the spotlight! The outer layer is thick and I feel safe if I put some heavy stuff inside. It won't pass through easily. And it doesn't stop just there, the inner layer is silky and about 50% waterproof, I guess. Sorry, I don't know the exact fabric name.

The size? Hm, I believe the picture below explains everything. I CAN EVEN PUT MY LAPTOP INSIDE! What a worthy investment. Now I can swag with my tote bag even to the computer lab sessions.

For now, that's all about the unboxing of my new tote bag. I'll update after I'm using it for a while. You guys should have it too tho. Seriously, go and catch 'em all!

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  1. I agree that their service is very good. The delivery is quite fast.

  2. AHAHAHA it such a great idea for totebag (thumbs up)!

    1. Thanks I can use it everyday to the class haha

  3. I recently grow to love tote bags! There's something about the simplicity of their designs that goes so well with the use. Now I bring my tote bag for shopping, to class, everywhere.

  4. Hehehe... comel.
    So far belum pernah guna servis/order apa-apa dari Printcious.

    1. Comel mcm tuan dia kan hahahah. Ada banyak lagi produck lain. Mrs. A boleh try tengok mana tahu ada yang menarik hati.