Taking Cheesy-Cheesy Into My Belly in Melaka

June 17, 2020

Hi guys!!

So today I wanna share a western dish and a legendary roti john that I have always wanted to try. It's CHEESY CARBONARA at Lezzo MITC Melaka and Cheesy ROTI JOHN at Mael Lambong Melaka. As a "temporary" Melaka-ian, all should know these places. It's fancy and Instagram-able too.

First, Let me introduce to you my Cheesy Carbonara. I don't want to start talking yet. Let's see the food presentation.

Cheese overloadddddddd. I don't know what do you guys think (leave some comments below) but my first impression was "Oh god this is too much cheese" because I didn't expect the cheesy would be this much. Like THIS MUCH! I give an A for the look.

Next, the taste. Oh I'm not gonna lie but it tastes soooo damnn good BUT I felt a little wamble and bellyful (orang melayu cakap muak) because the cheese, maybe. For cheese lovers, this is your crown. Take it.

Overall, I think it's so tasty and worth it. It costed me around RM16.90 per plate. They also serve normal carbonara tho. it's just me yang gatal nak CHEESY tu.

Next! Next! Fuhh the Cheesy Roti John!!!! Ya Allah aku pula yang terliur sekarang nih hahahahaha. Adoii.. It cost me around RM20 (if I'm not mistaken) BUT IT'S SUPER WORTH IT! Daging banyak, cheese banyak, sos banyak, size besar (3 pax) and sedap gila! I'm gonna miss Melaka so much because of this.

So what's up my lovely readers!!! I have a lot of stories to write up. Surely you guys miss me, right?

I'm already free! But free from what? HAHAHAHA will update really soon.

Anyway, how are you guys? Make sure to take aa good care in this tough season okay. Amer loves you all!

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  1. 4 years in Melaka but I don't even know about these placesπŸ˜…. Btw I'm looking forward for new posts from you.

    1. Hahahah I rarely went out too actually. Anyway, thank you for keeping update with my blog!

  2. Sedapnye Roti John tuuuu. Terliur tengok cheese meleleh mcm tu.

  3. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! hi menarik ini :) done follow, follow me back.. thanks

  4. Tak boleh lah gini. bapak sedap 😍😍😍

    1. ini bukan level bapak je.. Nenek pun kata sedap tau!