Encore Melaka: My Precious 75 Minutes

February 02, 2019

Ticket and Brochure

The only live performance I always go is orchestra because I have so much love towards music. Honestly, I've never been into any impression series theater but for the first time,
Yes, it's true. I guess the scenes, the dialog and the energetic performers got into me very well. It went through straight deeply into my heart and it was such a relief.

Hall Seating
That is the premium seat and above. I was in the last row of the standard seat which I think it is just a perfect eye level row.

ENCORE MELAKA - Impression Series, has successfully fulfilled their promises to present an immersive performance with a series of touching life stories of the local.

In this post, I am honored to share the experiences and loves that they gave me. I will leave it here for you to read. There were 7 scenes in total, Parameswara, Cheng Ho, Nyonya & Weeding, Six Mothers, Pregnant Mothers, Wau and Finale.

The theater started precisely at 8:30 p.m with Parameswara scene on how he found Melaka and named it after the Melaka Tree. Seriously, I was amazed. The lighting, hologram, translucent screen and the voices were just too harmonic to handle. I was never expecting that. 
Language? There are subtitles for Malay, English, and Chineses. 
They said we (the audience) were actually in the ship that travels across the time from hundred years ago to the present day. The audience platform was really rotating 360° as the transition from the Parameswara scene to Admiral Cheng Ho came to Melaka scene.

I can fell a gradual movement when I looked up at the spotlights like they are rotating stars. You know the feeling when you are inside a dome with a ceiling full of star rotating slowly. Yeah, that was my feeling.

Admiral Cheng Ho Arrival
Admiral Cheng Ho arrival totally give me goosebump, non-stop! The assembly of Chinese Traditional Drumming sound and the spirit of the drummers showed how assiduous they are. Those elements were very well blended and reached us. I was a little bit nervous awaiting what will come next, for real. Hahaha...

Nyonya Weeding

Nyonya Ladies
Baba Nyonya scenes were so classical. The scene was about a wedding in 1880, Descendants of Baba Ah Jie and Nyonya Ah Lan. A line of Nyonya ladies was swayed and sashayed on stage make the scene more enjoyable and leisure. 

Six Mothers (so melancholic)
I found that Six Mothers scene was very touching. The story of how a little baby was risen up by six moms from six different races, leaving him longing towards them unconditionally. And the pregnant mother told us how our parent will sacrifice everything for us including their life.

Pregnant Mother
Dancing in the water
Yknow, there was a scene where the dancers were dancing in the water. I meant real water. It was so astounding that had me trying to figure out if it was real or just a hologram projection. They are so talented, I can say that. The audience could also feel the breeze of the water coming thru our face.
And finally, the finale scene, where performers came around us and say thank you for coming to the theater. We were singing and clapping together. I felt so much content.


Here are some of the pictures with the performers.

Where is me on these pictures?
The handsome one. 

Overall, one thing I could say to all of you is there are all 200+ local performers that want to step our local theater experience up to the international level and this theater deserves way better recognition than what they have now.

In the nutshell, I would highly recommend this theater to both local and foreign tourist. Make your 75 minutes of your life worth too and get the true essence of Melaka. It left me overwhelmed.

... Ahh, an official GRAB pickup point is located in front of the ticket counter. I used Grab in my way to go and back home. So, no worries.

For more information, you can go to their official website: https://encore-melaka.com/.

Leave your comment down below and share your theater experience with me. 
I would love to read all of them!!!

One more thing, ENCORE in LOVE offers a decent offer on 14.2.2019 in conjunction with Valentine Day. Lock the date and book your seat now!!!

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  1. Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to go at that such event. So interesting!

  2. Not bad. I think i should come too

  3. wow, yang six mothers tu menarik la ...
    yang nyonya wedding tu kak pip suka how they put the traditional clothes on them ... tq share.