HOW TO USE VSCO: Tips and Tricks

April 04, 2017


Howdy howdy howdy!!! It is Amer Ridzuan hosting now and I know no one even care about it. So, here is the point, many people asked me how did I managed to produce "beautiful" filtered pictures which are so attractive and appealing. Well, are they? 

It's simple, I use VSCO!

VSCO, also called VSCO Cam, is a photography app where you can create an account and upload or take photos, edit and add filters, and share them with other VSCO users or on other social media sites. (copied from the website)

You can find the app in App Store or Play Store. Just type "VSCO" then you are on the right track. But, I only use it for editing. I don't publish pictures even once, I still prefer Instagram. Not many people are using it for now. So, I edit in VSCO then post it in INSTAGRAM. Easy.

Once you've installed this app, they will provide you some basic filters which are free. So, do now! 

Back to the whale fart, HOW TO USE VSCO, the tips and the tricks. It's quite simple actually because editing pictures just need a sense of beauty, once you think that your picture looks like Madonna or Selena or Taylor or Beckham or me hehehe.. it's just fine. 

But now, I would like to share some of my preferences. I have my TOP 5 suggestion list of my favorite filters here, they might be yours too. Let's see.


New updates VSCO will come out with 2 basic hyperbeast which are HB1 and HB2. There is no big deal, the only different between them is only the colors. When we apply HB2, the colors will turn more vibrant and concentrated. It’s very suitable if you want to emphasize on the colors.

But, for me, the problem is when the natural lighting is already enough and we still want to use HB2, the picture might be too saturated and your face might turn into red. Lol! carrot man!!

That's why I prefer HB1, it's a bit mellow and the colors won't be too vibrant as this filter just light up the picture and adjust the colors a bit. In the simple word, just nice! Most of my Instagram pictures are using HB1 including the picture in the AUTHOR PAGE. :)

HB1 +7.7, exposure +2.0, contrast 0.0

Nikelab also the new updates from VSCO. Sometime our camera can't take a perfect picture with a perfect brightness in the dark and sometime our camera receives too much light during the sunny day. Nikelab can handle on that. 

It will darken the picture, but by adjusting the brightness and concentration, you can produce a perfect picture in what ever lighting that you have. I love it so much. 


AGC +9.8, exposure -1.8, contrast +0.1

Black and white is nothing to relate except memories. This is the picture of mine back to 2014. (p/s: find me!).

There will be 2 BW filter provided in VSCO, which is B1 (BW Classic) and B5 (BW Moody). If you want to edit a memorable picture, I suggest you B5. 

There are some reasons, first B5 gives you more concentrated picture. Your pictures will look like truly ancient and old. It gives you a darker light instead of B5, but when you apply more brightness, it will be more beautiful than B1 which just give you a classic black and white picture.

Plus, if you use B1 at 0. then you want to increase the brightness, trust me you won't see your face in the picture because it will turn all white. 

There is a lot more BW pictures here ==> SIJIL PERLAJARAN MALAYSIACheck it out!

B5 +8.0, exposure +2.5, contrast 0.0

This filter is very very very suitable on things picture, for example books and pens. It will make them more exclusive than you ever thought it can be. 

Well I have lost my words, you need to try first, then you will know. 

B5 +9.0, exposure +1.0, contrast -2.2
5. T1: MOODY

Do you love to take nature pictures? If yes, we might have the same blood tho. I love to keep nature pictures. Green hand perhaps. I use to edit my nature pictures using T1 which give moody effect on them.

It looks like haze in there but it looks great for me. The picture will look smoky and not so vibrant. The color will look more pleasing, but if you take nature picture under a bright sunlight, I suggest you to use HB1. The colors will be super amerzing!

I used this on the pictures in THE GOODNESS OF PURPLE ROSES OF FRENCH. Check it out!

T1 +12.0,  exposure 0.0, contrast 0.0

Hey, I hope you guys like it and found this benefit. Honestly, I'm not a professional picture editor and I have no any certification on this, but I just want to share my preferences and hobbies.

If you have any comments or additional ideas. Don't hesitate yourself to comment below! Well, I would be very happy if you would share your edited picture using VSCO with me. Just let me know!

Credit to: Mayy Jie for this post idea.

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  1. I always use hb1 sebab nampak cam aesthetic sikit haha

    1. HB1 is always my first choice nowadays. It's fantastic!

  2. Done jotting down the tricks in my journal, thank you Amer, you're so Amerzing!!!!Gonna apply it ASAP! No more boring photos in my insta soon, perhaps. lol.
    (padahal skill amik gambar masih kelaut).

    Alamak blogger hebat ke? Thanks for the compliments. Tapi rasa macam tak hebat lagi, cuma ramai kawan dalam dunia blogger je, heheh.

    1. Hahaha kita takde skill ambil gambar takpe, photographer tak berbayar kan ada hehehe..

      For me, you are great enough. Such an idol for the newbie like me :3

  3. I used VSCO religiously! The filters tricks work effortless than other apps I've used but I'll take your say on which filter work best at a particular photo since I usually hentam je. I didn't upload the pictures on VSCO platform as well. I don't even bother to make an account.

    1. Hi, Nurul Afifah.

      First over, I think "vigorously" is the more suitable word instead of "religiously". But it's okay, not a big deal.

      Yknow right, not all filters applicable on one particular image. Sometimes, we need to thoroughly choose the filters tho. Pheww...

  4. okay I'm not good in taking pictures so this might be a good tips for me.. Gonna try to apply it, if possible.. haha

    1. Hey, taking and editing are way completely different. You don't need the skill, but it's inner-kid that live inside you play the role. Hahahaha... So, perhaps my tips are gonna work on ya!

  5. best guna vsco ni. mcm nak beli semua je filter dia huhuhu.

  6. most of the pictures in my blog are by filters of vsco. hahhahaha.
    my fav are both hyperheast hb1/hb2 and a6 (for foods pictures) :D

  7. Guna vsco memang cantik pun! Tapi elsa tak guna untuk edit hahaha biasa pakai gambar ori je takde filter hakhakhak

    1. Filter VSCO nih actually banyak manipulate brightness and contrast je. Sebab tu Amer suka guna instead of B612 hahahaha

  8. I love VSCO but jarang guna untuk update gambar dekat insta or blog. Just guna untuk buat experiment sendiri.

    1. Oh, so then what do you use to edit pictures in blog/insta. Can you share with us?

  9. VSCO; Forever be my fav photo editing apps! Hehe ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Simple yet 'photography-ish' sangaaatttt... Dah kenapa perkataan bantai sendiri selamba badak je. Kbai! ๐Ÿ˜‚✌

    1. Hahahah that's funny! One more special about VSCO is, it can turn us into a model with low cost hahahaha

  10. I've tried to use it but end up uninstalled it because i have no idea on how to apply those filter. I prefer to use Snapseed. Super easy and i just love it. =)

    1. feww..A VSCO sad ending for sis Ana just like i did few month fail to be HIPSTER yeah! hahahaha!!!!!!

      AMERZING seriously u got some skill dont you?
      love it!

    2. Snapseed is my previous app, but the filter isn't satisfy me enough like VSCO do. So I move on.

      Hi, Aria. Long time no see you in my dream. Hahahaha... Yknow right. VSCO turns us into hipster chicks hahaha

  11. cantik hasil vsco ni <3 tapi sy lebih kepada yg biasa2 ja :D sebab x teror nak edit2

    1. Biasa-biasa pun kalau dah guna camera hadapan 20MP, bercahaya lembut, memberi gambar sempurna. Tak guna VSCO pun takpe hahahhaa

  12. dulu selalu guna hb1. sekarang hb2 ., hehe

    1. Kan.. HB1 macam contrast sangat.. HB2 smooth sikit

  13. just made friend with this apps. Will explore it in very soon. Nice sharing amer, have courage and be amerzing. hihihi

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