I Almost Kiss Her!

July 20, 2017

Another click bite? No. It's true! I really almost kiss her, for real. I almost kiss the Ostrich!

Hey, have you been to P.D Ostrich Showfarm? Last two weekend I've been there for the sake of relief tho. Plus, my parent was coming here too. So, how about a short escape?

There is a lot of interesting activities that you can do include Riding the Ostrich, Donkey, and Horse. They also have Camels but I wasn't really sure either is it available for a ride or not.

Can you see? The 'almost' was just an inch!
Camel (Unta)
Riding a Donkey
Besides riding the animals, they also offer adventures activities but unfortunately, I was not so lucky to try 'em all hm...

This farm has Archery, ATV rides (dirt track and jungle circuit), Buggy ride (jungle circuit), Blowpipe & Slingshot, and paintball as well. Sound convincing? Hahahahah.. keep it low.

Well, then we can feed the animals and pets too. (the Ostrich almost bite my fingers tho hahaha). Guess what, I have met the Guinea Pigs!!! Oh God, so furious, so small, so cute and cheeky just exactly like what I have been told. You must try!!!

Bunny! (Sorry no Guinea Pig pictures, too fast)
Ft. tired face 
Excuse my pathetic face, couldn't resist the tiredness of student life anymore hahaha... very hard to deal with it. About the entrance fees, I didn't really remember actually, but I believe it's still affordable.

Mom, Ostrich & Dad

Baby Porcupine

Do you dare to stand on the ostrich egg?

So, have you chose the right date? You may visit the website (P.D Ostrich Showfarm). Maybe next time I can read your story too. Make sure your phone/camera battery is fully-charged. You might want to take a picture with a snake! (Honestly, I'm not a good friend to those slimy things hahaha, so I don't have a picture with that snake).

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(This post is not related to any affiliate program or sponsored post, just some words from a satisfied customer)

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  1. Amboiii tajuk diaa... Ingatkan apaalahh tadi si amer nih. Hahah! Eh, kite pernah makan telur dadar ostrich. But it has kinda 'hanyir' smell sikit, okok lah... Have you tried? Just sharing! Huhu..

  2. Rasanya pernah datang sini sekali dulu masa kecik. Siapa yang berani ride ostrich tu dia siap bagi sijil kut huhu.

  3. Hahahha... tajuk mengundang 18sx.

    Tak ride velocifero ke tak dak gambaq pun :-)

  4. where is the guinea pig?? i really want one likes in bedtime stories.. hehehe

  5. tajuk entry win! AHAHAHA but nice place to visit tho, thankyou for the recommendation--

  6. pernah pergi tapi takut nak dekat.. btw.. singgah and follow sini..

  7. Ostrich tu pun nampak tak rela nak kena kiss. Hahahaha... Bestnya dapat beriadah dengan family, hihi, rindu pulak nak g jenjalan macam tu, bukan senang nak dapat masa berkualiti dgn family ni, haha.

  8. Bestnya dapat jalan2 dgn family. Tajuk tue bwat org terkejut, rasa terpanggil utk membaca hahaha xD

  9. perghh tudiaaa clickbite unsur saspens di situ haha. ostrich showfarm ni kat PD eh? wahhh boleh laa pergi lepas ni. :D

  10. tak boleh nak kiss. tnggi sangat ostrich