How I Can Gain Visitors On My Blog Post?

July 31, 2017

Hi, guys!
Since the day when I was officially eligible to join Google Adsense, the blogging spirit keeps burning wild. Unfortunately, I don't know why hahaha... 
So, in order for me to gain more visitors and increase my earning. I have made some study on it. Well, I think most of them are so mainstream and already known by you guys but never mind, let us start digging in. 
Few basic tips if you want your blog to grow faster:
1. Quality content
As it is always said “Content is a king” so you must focus on generating quality content offering something different from other blogs in your niche. If people like your content they will surely visit your blog again and again. 
For example: How to get 1 Million by blogging? Surely, people will open it. 
2. Infographics
Sometimes people read blogs for research purposes. Create attractive info graphics and promote it in your niche and you are more likely to get more backlinks and social shares which ultimately results in more traffic. 

Infographics: a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.

3. Guest blogging
Guest posting is the best way to get high-quality backlinks. Write your best post for other blogs to steal their visitors. Quite interesting but not so suitable for personal blog.
4. Attractive titles
Research shows that most of the people only read titles at first. They prefer to read an article with attractive titles than all articles on a page. Make use of puns, numbers, and adjectives to attract those visitors. But most people will be frustrated if the found it was only a useless click bait.
For example, I was Raped and I almost kiss her!
5. Friendly Post
People more likely to read those article that involves conversation between writer and reader. So it's better to use I and You in your posts.
6. Visual Aid
Try to use videos and images because visual contents are more likely to attract visitors. But sometimes, this will make your blog slower and risky for you. People don't like waiting!
7. Promote shamelessly
Social media is your best friend when it comes to promotion. Promote your post shamelessly in social media groups. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 
8. Convert visitors into subscribers
Give your visitors a reason to subscribe you by offering either a free product or helping them through their crucial phase by free courses. I think this is the hardest for me to achieve. 

9. Collaborate
Collaborate with influencers and try to be in touch with them. Just be friendly with others. I have an example of myself but I will try to upload next time.
10. Blog comments
Leave thought provoking comments on other blogs and win a chance of getting an effortless backlink. Serious!
I think these are all stuff that I would consider first before others. There is a lot more steps that you can try to do to enhance your blog. 
Maybe you can share some tips in the comment section too.
All the best pals!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the ideas...maybe I will gonna try to collaborate with other bloggers in future...

    1. Yes, you may try. In fact, you are a great blogger too.

  2. Agree dengan semua point kat atas tu...

  3. Tq amer.. Nice info.. Utk new blogger mcm saya

    1. Hi Iris. Im a newbie too. Let's work for it :)

  4. These are great tips, I learn some new thing. Subcribers thing is so crucial for better traffic but alas, I don't thing I fit into that. Shameless promotion ftw!

    // afifahaddnan

  5. I agree with all the points especially on blog comments. Blog comments and blog hopping are one of the best ways to gain visitors.

  6. Absolutely agreed with all your point. Walaupun yang betul2 apply tu dua tiga je, hahaha.

  7. still on progress to complete all the tips! thanks for sharing! nice info!

  8. betul tu.. kualiti content most important.. :)

  9. content is the king.. that's what seo otai always mentioned haha

  10. Well, Then. I should work hard after this especially in learning how to make an infographic

  11. Thanks for sharing.. Betul tue kualiti beat kuantiti hahaha .. nice tips..