Here in Maludam: The Fisherman's Village

September 15, 2017

I'm in the middle.
Apa khabar kitak orang?
// How are you guys?

Have you ever wonder how is the life out there?

Frankly speaking, I felt so bitter and humble when I reached Maludam: A Fisherman Village. The journey to this village took almost 4 hours started from Unimas Sarawak.

We took 2 ferries, it actually should be 3 but we skipped one by using the bridge. We waited for the ferry for almost 15 minutes each, now I can feel their struggle to move. For your information, there are just a few small stalls available in Maludam which are selling things like canned food, soft drink and something long lasting. There's no place nearby that selling daily needs like veges, fish, meat etc. In other words, they need to travel outside of the village and take all the ferries that we took.

Waiting for the ferry

On board!
The village is so small but the people are so welcoming and really nice. We were site-visiting the village. The internet doesn't like in the town. I can't open my Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and even refresh my Instagram. But what I can see is maybe the internet connection there was a bit poor but the villagers did really find a better connection than us.

I really can't imagine how the life of the students in there. They don't have their Secondary School nearby, only Primary schools available. They told us that they have to take the one and only one van in the very early morning and need to travel about 40 minutes before reaching the school. Who missed it means no school for that day.

One of the houses there
We meet some villagers too. At first, I was asked "Kitak makan 'tapir' sik?". 

....and I was like, since when people eat tapir's meat lol. Just then I know that 'tapir' in Sarawak is not the real walking Tapir but it is actually Tapai, a traditional fermented food made up of sticky rice. In Kedah, we call it as Tapai and the wrapping and shape also different. We usually use banana leaf instead of  "Daun Palas"  though.

Tapei aka Tapai
So what I've learned from this is stop complaining and just appreciate the life you have because others have it worse.

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  1. Are you studying at Unimas? Oh, and Sarawak is so nice I hope i can explore here one day

    1. Nope. I'm studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. Yeah! you should go somewhere that you've never been. Much adventurous hahaha...