Here in Kuching, Sarawak

September 08, 2017

Kitak pandei klakar srawak?
Sik pandei aiee.

Well, I am a pure Kedahan who don't know Sarawakian words, just know KL celop slang only #sadlife

Hi kitak orang,

Kamek believe that most of kitak have been to this blessed state, right? Well, this is my first time tho. #tryhardtospeaksrwk

Okk back to normal, my comrades and I are obligated to be the representatives for our programme about the Road To Uganda. Do you still remember about it?

So, we are doing survey about the demographic, needs and sponsors and collaboration opportunities that can enhance our plans.

In short, we are travelling for work purposes hahahaha..

I will stay here for 3 days 2 night nomadly. 7 Sept until 9 Sept 2017. Yes, I need to skip some of my classes tho. It's hurt but I never did that so why not hahahaha.

Alhamdulillah, done attending 3 meetings successfully for today and tomorrow we will be heading to Maludam, the main place where our event will be held.

Wish us luck, another 5 more meetings queuing to be attended tomorrow.

Now, I want to sleep and have some rest.
Warm Regards from Kuching, Sarawak.

Some pictures of today,

Getting on-board with Air Asia
Just departed from Senai Airport at 6:30 am. I think this is still in Johore.

I don't know where. Half awake because we didn't sleep last night.

Breakie Meals! Mee Kolo + Teh Peng
Ayam Mak Entek for Dinner

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  1. welcome to sarawak amer! don;t forget to go to sirikin. boarder of sarawak and kalimantan indonesia. in case u wanna bought some extra gift for your family...
    iboh lupak coba laksa sarawak and mi jawa k!

    1. Hi sofie ... maaf la tak berkesempatan ke sirikin tu.. maybe next time.. tpi laksa sarawak dan mi jawa the best!!!!!

  2. bestnyaaa pergi sarawak and paling best dapat skip classes hahahaha anyway goodluck there!

    1. Hahaha best tu mmg best tp nnt sakitlah kena replace kelas.. aduhaiiii

  3. Yeah...mee kolok .. sedap yum yum yum..
    Amd all the best!

    1. Mee kolok tu setiap hari amer makan dekat sana hahahaha

  4. 7 Sept until 9 Sept 2018..? That's almost a year, Amer..! hahah..

    1. Hahahaha sorry2. I wrote this with sleepy head hahaha.. thanks lmaaaaooooffff