2 Days 1 Night at Genting Highland, Malaysia

February 02, 2019

 Another series of:

Guess where could it be this time?  Yes! GENTING HIGHLAND!!!!!

This trip has been planned by Acaz since forever hahahahaha... but we finally make it happened this time even though not all of us were in. So here we go, 2 Days 1 Night gambling in Genting Highland with only RM 200/person budget. Let's what we can do with it.

Fyi, all the boys including me were overnight at the TBS because we were from outside of KL and since we want to take the very first bus to Genting so we need to sacrifice one night but that night was great, we slept on the floor beside a convenience store. We caught up each other updates just like the old days. Peep talking till late at night in the dorm.

On the next morning, we took LRT and arrived KL Sentral before 8 a.m but dude the ticket has SOLD OUT!!! so we changed our plan and took 9:30 a.m bus. Still on schedule. phew...

Anyway, where is the bus stop in KL Sentral? You need to go down the stairs behind the escalator near Burger King. Find this kiosk. RM 9+ including one bus ticket to Awani Skyway and one cable car ride, both one way. Cheap! 

a blurry ws image 
Since we had a very limited time. Once we arrived at Awani Skyway terminal. We hoop on the cable car a.s.a.p.. Ah before that we bought the ticket back to KL Sentral first hahaha. (learned from the experience)

Asked the photographer to take this picture using our phone. (save money)

Why I look so decent in this picture?
So why I look so behave in that picture? It's not because I'm scared of high... I just want to sit with good manners. *actednaturally. Fyi, it was my first time going to Genting. I'm a bit overexcited actually haha

Once we were almost on top of the highland, there is a lot of mist covering the land. We hardly see the way in front of us. It was so cool outside. Thank God I wore my sweater.

Your new Skytropolis ambassador
We didn't take any ride on those games because it's quite pricey. Besides, we decided to take a walk around the places. You know, it not a place but it's people that matter. As long as I have them beside me, everything seems fun. Even carrying 3kg all the way also "fun". Hahahaha

And this is our apartment at Midhill at Genting. We rent it on Airbnb with RM 364 (RM 405 includes charges. RM 67/person). I'm sorry. I don't have the home interior design picture but trust me, it was so clean, good scenery and gave great esthetic pleasure. Since the apartment is new, there are not so many people. We can enjoy the tranquility.

However, it's quite far from the Awani Skyway terminal. But don't worry so much. You can easily order Grab from the apartment and go anywhere you want.

Eh, wait.. why I feel like I'm writing a review? Hahahaha... I meant you don't have to worry about where you sleep because there is a lot of Grab cars and a lot of stores (ex: ATM, Petron, 7E, Starbuck). They are just 2km+ away.

Midhill at Genting

and again Amsyar was chilling beside the pool
At night, we went out for dinner at Nok Sokmo restaurant. Our Grab driver suggested that place. Their Tom Yam was sooooo delicious (RM80+, RM14/person). Then we went to SpeedMart to buy some foods. Thanks to Bazlee (Culinary Student) for cooking our supper. His Chezzy Macaroni was awesome but sorry Bazlee we were too full at that time. We keep talking about each other life since we haven't met for a while. I opened up some stories too. #spillthetea

Strawberry Farm Ambassador
Second day (last day), Bazlee cooked the breakfast and we were ready to go. We went to the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm (RM 8/adult) but sadly the strawberry wasn't so many. I think they had plucked all of them. But we have our savior! there is a lot of flowers along the way. Can't forget how beautiful it is.

les hommes
There are freelance photographers around the farm, ready to take your picture. So these two were taken by them. We needed to pay for these pictures. (RM90/6 3R pictures) including softcopy. But it's okay. Worth the moments.

A family portrait

Time ticking so fast, we went back to our apartment and get our things packed up and ready to check out at 12 pm. We took Grab to the Awani Skyway terminal. Meanwhile waiting for our bus at 3 pm, we had our lunch at the Genting Premium Outlet since it is located just opposite the terminal. We had a short window shopping  (I almost buy a bag) around there. 

Not many pictures were taken since we were too busy spending time together. Actually, we decided to do a vlog but the idea only stands for..... I don't know. It has gone somewhere. Ask Bazlee!! =_=
Overall, Phones were off.
 Anti-social Social Club is canceled.
So that was a little summary of our short vacay. Before I forget, the total for Grab fare was RM50+ for two days so RM8/person. 

After carefully calculating the total expenditure, each of us has spent at most RM130 for the whole trip. Who says you can't travel when you are broken? Travel with friends, split the bills and you will be okay. hahahahaha...  

So here I concluded, thank you so much, guys! 

8 years of best friendship and still counting.

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  1. Agak lama saya tak ke genting highland, last 2005 rasanya...

    1. Haa gentinf dah banyam berubah rasanya. Ini pun my first time heheh

  2. So nice, you even have time to travel with your friend. I never go for holiday to Genting Highland although I'm from Pahang😂

  3. Dah lama tak pergi ke genting,banyak perubahan.sangat2 wow

    1. Kannnn saya pun macam impressed juga first time sampai selama ni dalam gambar je

  4. keep it up the friendship relationship , best friend forever!