Big Tas Tea Penang (REVIEW)

February 20, 2019


I'm so excited to share this!!!

Hi guys!

I have realized that lately I always update about food and travel, isn't it? Nahhh... It's just me trying to escape from my ridiculous life schedule. Sometimes we need something different, right?

Talk about different, sometimes I turn on my #foodhuntingmood!

So, today I would like to share one more western cafe that I think you guys should try when coming to Northen states, especially in Penang or Kedah.

Big Tas'Tea - sounds fancy enough to tell you how tasty their foods will be. It's my mom's suggestion to come here for our lunch because she felt like eating western and cake. Since we were not having our lunch yet, so why not?

Set A (comes with 2 drinks) : RM 39.80
We ordered Set A as the main meal. It has fries, carbonara, spaghetti, meatballs... ahhh I forget their real names. They were so Italian until I can't even tell but basically everything is on the picture above. Set A comes with 2 drinks that you can choose. (Ours was Passion fruit sparkling, I guess... ) . There are several Sets on the menu that you can pick, actually.

Garlic bread + Mushroom Soup: RM 5.30

My dad's favorite food, Mushroom soup. To be frank, he ate all of them. #goodsongivewaytodad. For me, RM5.30 was quite okay if we compare to Pizza hut, commonly, but the garlic taste on the bread wasn't really kicked in.

Yknow, my family style is, if my dad says okay and he is willing to eat, it means that food is delicious. No doubt. He has a high taste.

Vanilla Caramel: RM 7.00
This is my drink, Vanilla Caramel. I have no much comment about this. The vanilla is so heavy and I love it! Then, the Choc Creme Brulee is also great but still can't fight my Choc Indulgence from Secret Recipe hahahahaha. #westanforSR

Choc Creme Brulee: RM 9.00;  Parent is not included: Priceless

Overall, why I'm willing to recommend this on my blog because of their Set A primarily (an also my Vanilla Caramel) because Set A is actually the smallest set but we were 3 pax felt so full sharing it together. They are so delicious, mouthwatering and YESS!! THEY ARE TAS'TEA.
don't blame me if this makes you hungry right now :p
Fyi, they have a lot more type of menu in their Cafe other than what we have ordered. So, if you are planning to go to Penang (Main Land), have a visit to this cafe. There are several branches too. You may try to find them on Google.

Find them at:
BIG TASTEA CAFE (Pokok Sena), 
No. 32A, 1, Kampung Baru Pokok Sena, 
Taman Pokok Sena, 
13220 Kepala Batas, 

... and hey! If you guys have any suggestions on great food place in Melaka. 
Please comment down below, I want to hunt them all!!

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