Because I Had You

March 25, 2019

This picture was taken on my last exam week. Credit: @hazmibakri

Dear readers,

Have you ever been at your lowest?

In any possible way, I think everyone had hit their lowest point in their life at least once.

Sunday 01:03 a.m. I would like to share something with you guys. Something that I think it somehow smacked me really really really bad.

As I told you before I'll be going to my internship right after the final exam week of the latest semester. Now, here I'm in Bangi doing my internship at Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) until the next June.

It's quite difficult for me because I need to transfer all my stuff and motorcycle all the way from Melaka to Bangi in just 3 days. I finished my exam on Thursday and started working on the next Monday. No rest at all. But this is my decision, I chose to do this despite all the difficulties.

Luckily I found a guy from the internet that will also be doing his internship at MPOB, so I asked him whether he already get a place to stay or not and he said yes, he got one. He seems like a nice guy and indeed a good friend. So I decided to rent the same house with him. I would have been in chaos without him helping me through all these obstacles. Thanks, bro.

So my parent came from Kedah to pick my stuff and accompany me to Bangi. We arrived safely. The problem started when my parent entered the house and my room. There was no one in the house at that time. The owner also didn't show up. They just left a key for me to serve myself.

In short.

I was never expecting this but the first thing that came out from my parent mouth was "Ini rumah ke apa?" It was totally different from the photo that the owner gave to me. They asked me to find another house a.s.a.p. but I said, "It's okay... I'll try my best to adapt." I won't write so much about the house but based on my parent impression, I think you guys can guess it.

On the next day which was my first internship day, I couldn't start my motor at all by any chance. Damnnnn but luckily I have my roommate (the person from the internet) that willing to let me go to work with him at least until my motor is fixed up. I was so grateful. My whole day was very uneasy and agitated thinking about my motorcycle. I couldn't focus on my works for sure.

It was my third day but my parent is still so worried. They keep calling me every day and night just to make sure that I'm okay and have tried my best to find a new place. Nonetheless, they don't have any idea about my broken motorcycle that stranded at the mechanics for days. I don't want them to be more worried, just keep this between us.

Through my tight breath, one day, my secondary school friend, Thaaa (Aizam), replied to my insta-story saying that he's also here. God, I felt so grateful at that moment to have a friend like him and finally I have got someone to rely on and share my problem, I swear. Then he offered a hand to help me move into UPM hostel from my house right now. Obviously, it's cheaper and nearer. Thanks, Thaaa.

.. and today, my motor has been fixed up (it costed me RM 280+) and I'm ready to move out.

Week 1 was beyond hectic, for real. I faced many problems but God helps in many ways.

In the time where I have no place to hold on, I feel so empty and silent. I couldn't be grateful enough for how He eased my life. I might be in a difficult phase at first but slowly He helped me by sending great friends and family along.

So, to whatever God that you believe, 
for me, Allah has got us a better plan.

Now, I feel so much better and all these things could only happen just "Because I Had You", God, Family, and Friends.

Damn. I get emotional about it.

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  1. I hope God ease your days during the internship. It is so nice to have someone around you that always concern about you and offer a help when you are in need. Hope you can complete your intership successfully.

  2. moga semua jalan lancar dik.. ameen

  3. hey, was searching any cbox in your blog but couldnt find it. btw new follower heree :)