My Last Minute Study Styles

June 29, 2019

Hello guys!

Congratulations to those who have finished their final examinations!

This morning, I woke up from my bed and scrolled my twitter as usual. I came across many people are saying,

"I had the worst exam week in my life"
"I swear to God, I did really bad for this final, why I didn't start earlier?"
and most of them are saying that "I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO COVER ALL CHAPS!"

Okay, stop...

I also swear to God that I have been in their place before, like every freaking semester. I don't know why but, every time when it comes to the end, week 14 specifically, my brain will start to be DUMB!

so I've created these few last minute study styles for me and hopefully, it also works on you too. 

Disclaimer: My last minute means approximately 2 weeks (Week 14 and Study Week) before the first paper and there are another 20 chapters ahead for each subject.

0. I will sort the subjects based on priority

First of all, I rate my understanding of each subject. Then, I prioritize the one that I have the least understanding or the most stuff to be memorized. I create a proper schedule throughout the 2 weeks and allocate enough time for each subject. It means there is a subject that I only study for one day and there is also a subject that I will spend three days.

1. I read the learning outcomes for each chapter

Seriously! I read all of them so that I can have a bigger picture of which part that I should emphasize first. Because some are just for your additional knowledge and some are for you to really understand and remember *(which are the one that probably will come out in exam).

2. I create a quick flash simple note

You know, the lecture slides might go crazy until 100+ pages. So, I point out the main things in each chapter and write them as a simple note. It doesn't necessarily have to be long and complete. Sometimes, I could compile a 50+ pages slide in just one plain A4 paper folded into two parts.

3. I prefer a sentence of important points instead of a single word as the keyword

I have read a lot of tips says "Remember a word as the keyword" but I always confuse and mix up when I'm in the exam hall. So I prefer a longer sentence as the keyword. At least I will have a little more idea when I'm lost in the middle of the keyword ocean, right?

4. I did all the past year exam questions

I will definitely refer to the lecture notes so that I will have a precise and complete answer. This will also be one of my simple notes. I also make sure that I really understand every theory that has come out in the past questions because there is a high chance that the theory will be repeated.

5. Tomorrow is the paper, what should I do tonight?

I'll go through all the simple notes that I have created and also revise the answers for the past year questions. I use a highlighter or red pen to underline the most important keys. Go through everything again the next morning.


In conclusion, all you need is just the correct way for you to study. Don't get too nervous. 

You can stay up until late night in the study weeks, burn all you midnight oil or whatever, but DON'T STAY UP THE NIGHT BEFORE THE PAPER. Your brain will get really exhausted and all the things you read will suddenly disappear. *speak from experiences*

I hope these styles will help you in any way. Feel free to share your own in the comment below. Thanks for reading hehehe.

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  1. ohhh this is kind of my style except number 4 😂 and my last minute, 3 days before first paper.. hahaa

    1. If 3 days before, I don't know what will happen to me every night hahaha

  2. "compile a 50+ pages slide in just one plain A4 paper folded into two parts" if this aint me 😂

    1. Every time i do this, i feel so proud of my self hahahahah but unfortunately if rarely happen hahaha

  3. I agree with your points!! 2 weeks before the exams is just perfect in my opinion but you still need to cram in a lot each day. I made a schedule for every day of those 2 weeks on what subject and chapter to study. The last few days I'll just be doing quick notes and past year questions.

    1. True!!! 2 weeks before is just nice. No hustle no rush everything is fine. All the best okay!

  4. RED PEN! YESSSS sama laa kita. Saya suka pen warna merah. Kekadang tulis pun guna pen merah hahaha. Idk but rasa macam lebih ingat gitu.

    Kalau dekat Universiti, in my opinion.. Kalau nak stay up night before exam tu boleh IF AND ONLY IF takde exam dah lepas tu. Kalau esoknya ada exam lagi, elakkan stay up sampai tak tidur. Nanti otak blank time exam.

    And saya pun jenis study last minit actually haha. Tapi alhamdulillah perform. So maybe it depends on our brain, and understand how it works. Yang penting nak study last minit boleh tapi kena ada strategi and otak yang cepat catch up.

    Sekian haha.

    Btw amerrrzing, jemput join segmen blog :)

    1. Wahhh panjangnye komen hahaha... red pen is the best kan?!?!? And yes sangat2 tidak digalakkan untuk stay up malam exam. Esok bangun rasa lesu otak jem teruk. InshaAllah amer tengok nanti. Terima kasih :)

  5. nice info. useful for the remaining semesters. tapi tulah, last minute aku memang malam sebelum paper tu hahaha :( patutla tak DL lagi hm

    1. Hahahah takpe rasa macam banyak lagi tu sem yang boleh perform. Goodluck!

  6. good luck!!!! zaman belajar dulu, last minit untuk subject membaca, mengira wajib awl

    1. Uish terbalik nih! Selalunya mengira last minit, membaca sebulan awal hahaha . Thank u !