3 Days 2 Nights in Tioman Island, Malaysia

March 17, 2017


After psychotically living in 3 sick weeks of final examinations, we escaped from the reality to Tioman Island, Malaysia. (TOP RANKED in TRIPADVISOR, so it’s a must to visit!)

We planned our trip a month before the date for real. (p/s: husband materials. Tell your mama now!!! Hehehe…). We chose to get services from an agent, RAHA LEGACY HOLIDAYS SDN BHD.

HERE ARE SOME REVIEW ABOUT OUR AGENT: For us and from my personal point of view, the service was tiptop but what I saw in the feedback on their page by the customers were so disturbing. Some of the customer complained about their information service, they claimed that the staff were late-responded to their email and questions. Peeps, we must understand both side which the agent needs to deal with the people in the island that live with low connection of internet. Plus, the process of screening the rooms available also need some time. Not only taht, if we ask for a package, have they needed to deal with some other people, for example, the snorkeling people to schedule your vacation. So, just be patient and chill. Like us, we just proceeded as what being told by the agent even though, yes the reply was quite late but the process of our reservation was smooth and both parties were happy. One more, every time I called them, they answered me promptly. Nice! So here I would like to promote RAHA LEGACY HOLIDAYS SDN BHD. to your guys, my readers. They are good and affordable, trust me. I’ve experienced it hahahahahah…

So, we picked STANDARD QUAD SHARING package at DAMAI TIOMAN RESORT which is located at Kampung Genting, Tioman Island. It’s only RM 390 per person. EXPENSIVE? Read until my last words in this post before make any conclusion. 

What we get by paying RM390?

2 ways ferry ticket, a standard quad sharing room, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 BBQ night and also a day of snorkeling in 3 different places. (Inclusive gears)

A night before Day 1:

Just so you know, we are studying in MMU MELAKA, we took an Uber from MMU to Melaka Central then a bus to Mersing Bus station and arrived at 9 pm. No worry dudes, there is a lot of motel offers BudgetRoom for bujang-er like us. I think I still keep the receipt, one second… Yes! MUARA INN, Mersing, Johore, costed only RM 60 for 2 single beds.   

Day 1:

8:00 A.M is our departure time but we need to be at the jetty an hour earlier. The ticket was only RM35 for adult, (sorry, I couldn’t remember the child price). It took 2 hours more or less to reach Kampung Genting which is the first stop, so don’t miss it! No worry, they’ll announce it.

What a shock awaited us when we reached there! Instead of the cozy place we knew so well based on Mr. Google, the air, the sand, the sky, the breeze, all were so relieving. It was an unbelievable sight to behold. We have made the right choice!

Food!! Food!! Food!!

DamaiTioman Resort served the best. Our first lunch was so authentic yet truly village-like dishes. It totally reminded us to our hometown hm...

We were giving time to suit ourselves in the evening, because tomorrow will be soooooooooooo tiring or in the other words, it’s time to be tanned!

We were informed that we can see the coral just in front of our chalet. Dayum nice, shaky legs, sweaty hand, half boiled head… Let’s go!!! But we are penakut sebenarnya, so we asked for abang guard to guide us hahahahahaha…

Some people say that beginners have all the luck; others claim that success comes only with practices. So, the first time I jumped into the sea with life jacket and the snorkeling equipment, I tried to swim to the deeper edge, I almost sank. In addition to that, I had to bear the choking taste of salt water running into all the opening of my body. Since I’m wearing the goggle, my eyes were not smarted but my nose felt awful because of the sea water came into my air-tight goggle. I tried to calm myself and enjoy the consequences while my friends… yeah they left me behind… *sigh, I love my buddies. If that as what is known as “beginner’s luck”, I would have none of it. Dude, I can swim but I never try the snorkel gears, that’s all.

(I’m so sorry, I want to upload some video but I can’t. I don’t know what the problem is)
We jumped from the jetty and I just don't believe that I did it. Lol!
Sorry, I don’t have the picture of the coral, but believe me, it’s AMERZING. At night, I don’t remember what we eat but still great!!! Lepaking at the beach, enjoying the breeze then sleep. Ready for tomorrow, snorkeling at 9 AM.

DAMAI TIOMAN ISLAND; the foods are delicious and superb, the place is just nice, hygiene and good and the staff are extremely friendly!!!! We just love it to the moon and back. Nice place to stay in Tioman Island!! They also have free karaoke at night y'all!!

Day 2:

Guess what, the snorkeling was postponed to 2 PM because of a family that just arrived on 11 AM, but gratefully the informed us earlier at 8 AM. So what did we do? Practice snorkel until 11 and get tanned at the beach then had our lunch.

(ONE MORE THING! If we go at 9 AM, they will pack our lunch and bring it with us, so we may have your lunch on the boat in the middle of the sea. Nice ha?)

First stop, MARINE PARK, unfortunately it wasn’t as we expected, we assumed that there is a sea of coral but just a few of them and some fishes. Not enough to make us impress but still good because the water is crystal clear and some beautiful fishes appeared and swam with us. Huhuhu.

Ismail was struggling back there hahahaa
Second stop, RENGGIS ISLAND. If just now the coral that I mentioned above is AMERZING, but this time it’s the best of God creations. We were astounded, stunned, mesmerized, surprised and ALMOST cry when we saw the rainbow-like color corals that exist there. I lost my words to described, just take a look at the pictures.

Thanks to Izzat for sacrificing his S7 Edge for all these pictures. :) 
You know what, we saw something that should not be seen there. A baby White Tip Shark just came out from nowhere, swimming around us. Aiman came out with one simple equation that scared our butt off. If there is a baby, there must be his mom somewhere. I still can imagine how rush were we swimming back to the boat for real, and of course more sea water came into my mouth. Thanks Aiman for reminding us that we may be in the shark-infested area, but fortunately the guider said that the White Tip Shark here do not eat human. Fuhhh…

Third stop, TOMOK ISLAND, we exchanged it with duty free shop because we don’t want to go there. Hahahahha… a level below RENGGIS ISLAND because this island mostly lived by TERUMBU KARANG which are quite pale but enormous and big and huge and entah lah… tapi still lawa la.. serious serious !!!!

Not just that, we also learnt WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET PRICKED BY SEA URCHIN (LANDAK LAUT)? Hahahahahha....

The thorn can’t be taken out because it’s gel-like thorn, so you need to break it down. Take any hard thing, for example, the breath pipe which is your snorkeling gears, hit the pricked places until it’s bleeding. That’s all we learnt hahaha… the consequence is you CAN’T have a good sleep on that night. Susah nak tidurlah senang cerita.

This is our BBQ Dinner!!!!
(makan sambil bergoyang sebab mabuk laut tadi hahahaha)
DAY 3:

Woke up as early as 5:30 AM, set up our goods and waited for our ferry on 7:00 AM then went back home… happily. 

BUT NOT FOR ME… I went to Ismail’s house to continue my journey to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia capital city. 


So here I concluded, travelling with buddies is the best time ever and ever hmmm… I couldn’t imagine if I don’t have them in my life. Yeah, they are so annoying and irritating. I often get bullied, but they are my friends and my family. Thanks pals for everything. Next time kita plan pergi Kundasang pula okay! #moneyfly #duitbolehcari! 

Remind me not to forget to remember these moments.


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  1. I'll be going to Langkawi next month, tapi bukan lepas final tapi BEFORE final, masa study week 😂

    1. Untunglah... Orang lain study week macam zombie dia sempat lagi pergi vacay hahaha.. Have fun!!

  2. I wanted to say sorry for laughing at the part where you stated how "jakun" you were when you're in KL.. I just think it's a cute act of yours.. haha.. Anyways, the corals manage to mesmerize me and thanks for promoting the agent.. Would be checking them out when I'm planning for a vacay..:)

    1. Yep seriously, i was like uh too jakun hahahaha.. Well bukan orang kl kan... Redha je la ... Yeah you should check out the agent page.. More packages available!!

  3. such a great experience you have there!!...wish to go vacay right now...*sigh*

    1. Hye mimpi aria, this is the best experience and memory that i have for now. Plan lah ke mana2 dengan member. Mesti best!!!

  4. i need a vacay, tioman island are one of the places that i wish to travel in malaysia :)

    what do you think about someone who cant swim, can they go snorkeling? XD
    i cant swim T^T

    1. Great choice!! Can't swim, no worry pals, they will provide you life jacket and snorkeling gears, so you can float and breath. Have fun!!! Hmm just don't panic hahahahah

  5. I've been to Perhentian last 2 years but not able to go for snorkeling because i brought my baby that time. Plus the sea was not in good condition that day. A few snorkeling point been cancelled too.

    InsyaAllah Tioman and Redang are in my list. All your pictures are stunning and make me more excited to plan for it. 👍

    1. Wahh.. Perhentian pun not bad. Hope can have a visit there one day.

      Yes, it's a must to put Tioman Island in your list. Must be so exciting tho :) .

  6. awesome trip...last semester holiday i went to Langkawi island but not going to post yet..i am sure trip with real friends is THE BEST EVER !

    1. Wah... can't wait to read yours but the word "real friend" is a little deep hahahahahah .. what ever it is enjoy our life!!!

  7. fuyoo..Next sem ada plan nak p mana2 pulak x?
    Nak join sekali. huhuhuhu

    1. Next sem takde la bro.. member semua dah broke hahahaha

  8. Wahhhhhhh! cantik betul la camera Samsung S7 Edge tu. I love the photos taken! Sharp juga eh even dalam laut. Cantik semua gambar corals tu! hahaha please do update about your first time in KL. Would love to read it! :D

    1. Cantik kan... semua gamabr tu S7 edge punya kecuali yang dekat Tomok Island .. yg tu camera phone lain heheheh .. insya Allah nanti saya upload pasal dekat kl. hahahaa. malu pulak nk cerita haha

  9. dah plan nak pi pulau tioman ni tahun 2018 😄 sebab thn ni nak pi tmpt lain

    1. Yeay!! nanti dah pergi tu update okay.. one more, trip tahun nih pun update gak okay.. nak tahu jugak pergi mana.. boleh la masuk dalam list hahaha

    2. yeah, memang kena update dlm blog supaya ramai yg tau tempat best d malaysia ni ��

    3. Notice us when you update ok!!

  10. Seronoknya jalan-jalan tempat orang. Semua gambar gorgeous gilerrr, huhu pakai filter apa share sikit, kekeke...

    1. Hi, berminat sungguh nak tahu rahsia filter amer nih. Cantik sangat ke? Hahahaha okk.. Nanti amer post satu entry khas pasal filter yang amer guna. Stay tuned!

  11. Assalamualaikum, saya suka karangan encik Ameer.. terbaik..
    jika berminat untuk dapaktkan harga pakej boleh hubungi 0192941683 - abe wan