The Best Narrative Essay

March 19, 2017

When writing a narrative for your SPM screwed you, just remember that you can spoil it too. When I was in SPM years, I love writing but the writing didn't love me hm. Sometimes, I modified and rewrote the sample essay given by my English teacher and somehow I'm proud of it. Hahahahahaha...

The title is "Tissue"

Whenever people ask me for some tissues, I'll blush badly. I can't remember even a millisecond to forget about the incident. It seemed like it was happening just last night.

It was a cloudless night, the stars shone like a sparkling diamond in the dark sky. It just perfect. I was preparing myself in the best look with my red blouse, a pair of black heels, and my late mother's necklace.  She gave me at the time she passed away. Actually, I don't have any jewelry as I'm not that type of woman and I don't give a damn about it. I'm a superwoman... who wear that "thing" inside. *shake my head

That night was the night. I will meet my future adorable, handsome, tall, and dark husband's parents. No offense. A few butterflies started flying in my stomach but I had remembered a lot of lines and done some mock meeting sessions with my roommate. We had predicted some possible questions tho.

I threw my glance outside the window while I was styling my hair and OH MY GOD!!, David's car just arrived. "Pssshh...pssshh...Damn! It's not my hair spray", I sprayed perfume onto my hair without my intention.

People say, "Don't worry often, it will give a small thing a big silhouette. So, "Calm Gwen...You can do this. Hupss!!"

Twenty-five and two seconds later, we arrived at the rendezvous. David's parent was already there. The eyes looked at me and of course, it was annoying. I tried to be positive as I can, sit properly, and smile. :)

With all courage that I had, I managed to tell them my name and... yes, my full name.. hehe... Whatever, they kept staring at me especially his dad but I thought I already hide my boobs hmm.. too bad.

The meals were served after a few minutes. It was a Fish Head Curry. Oh my god, I couldn't control myself, in a jiffy, I took the head of the plate then put it in mine. "What a wonderful head"

David was shocked, the parent was shocked even the waiters were shocked when they saw my action. Well, I was shocked too, I didn't expect they will serve it. Hahahaha... David started to break the ice between us. The parent also started to ask me abundant of questions. They asked about my family, career etc. I barely felt just nice because I have prepared for this. Thanks, Alicia for the mock meeting huh.

But, suddenly my stomach changed the beating rhythm, from ballad to mellow rock. The day wasn't my day as I realized the presence of ladyfingers in the curry. I allergic to that godforsaken vegetable for real. My stomach started bubbling.

The air pressure in my stomach was increasing tremendously plus the butterflies gave offspring make it more crowded. The air pressure was getting stronger. I can hold it! I can! I can! I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.

"Are you alright, Gwen?", David asked.

"Yes, I'm okay." ... "Preekkkkkkk!!!!" 

I'm done.  I was totally a dead body at that time. The explosion might reach about 23 Hz I guess. The three heads turned at me with an anxious sight.

"Excuse me" I ran to the toilet and came back to the seat. At the time, 8:30 p.m specifically, I accidentally knocked against David's father's hand and the glass stumbled, splashed its content on him. Ingrate haste, I offered him some tissues as my apologies, but David's father was looking at me intently with very big round opened eyes. I was puzzled. Why?

I looked down and only then my eyes caught that it wasn't a tissue but a SANITARY PAD! I  GAVE DAVID'S FATHER A SANITARY PAD!!! I GAVE HIM A SA....NI...TA...RY... PAD!!

"Darling, let's go home", his dad said awkwardly. The butterflies flew away and the air pressure was under control. "Just wish for a miracle", David said.  At that time, I'm done, again.


So here is one of my spoiled essays that I found in my book. I'm so sorry if I hurt any hearts, but this is truly me when I'm under pressure just like Gwen. I hope u like it and laugh your ass off just like me. Thanks for reading. Leave a comment, okay :) 

Excuse my handwriting :P

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  1. that. is. soooooo. embarrassing.

    you have a gift on writing, honestly speaking.

    1. Hahaahah ya right and I think you have a gift in guessing because the real title before I spoiled it was "The most embarrassing moment". Hahahahah

      As long as everybody is happy :). Thanks Faten Banana.

  2. okay that was a total moment of embarrassment.. I enjoy reading your essay.. :3

    1. Thank you Flavnesz. I laughed nonstop while reading this again hahaha.. Wherever this idea came from, i love it hahahahah

  3. Reading your essays reminds me of my school days. I always thought that I was good in English back then (but seriously I had a severe problem in grammar). The thing which confused me when writing a narrative essay was the tense. I did not know where/when I should apply appropriate tenses to my story. I got A but couldn't really score well in essay writing. Sobs.

    You should compliment me for my effort of reading your spoiled essay! hahaha.
    Great essays though. Keep writing!

    1. Lol of your are talking about tense, I'm catastrophe! Hahahah.. Just look at this essay tho.

      Thank you for support. I didn't know what to say anymore, even you first step on my blog was great to me :)

  4. this totally remind me how much i loved English subject during my school days.
    i love writing essays especially the section when u got to choose the type of essay u going to write and i'm always choose to create my own stories over some facts/formatted essays.

    here is where u can go crazy with the story line. i loved when the story start with some given line and we continue writing the line. and some ended with, 'then i wake up, and luckily it just a dream' HAHHAHAHA. although i had done a LOT of grammatical errors, my teacher always give me a compliment for the story plot and creativity. :D

    i'm totally loved ur essay, it do make me smile and chuckle after reading XD

    1. Yes me too, I laughed like hell when I'm rewriting this. Thanks for your passionate on writing. I appreciate it. :)