3 Must-Have Cardigan For Men By ZALORA

March 15, 2017


We often hear women complain that they have nothing to wear but how about men?

Nowadays, men are more fashion alert with trends and love keeping themselves look fashionable every time going out. Whether going to the office, a date or even a casual day out with the dudes, men also have the problem of deciding what to wear. Instead of the plain t-shirt and jeans, what other looks that can be shown off without going overboard.

p/s: Well you know, especially when you are in the university, wearing something typical like t-shirt and blue jeans is a little bit hard for you to attract cheeky eyesHahahahahha if you know what I meant. :p

Men who have no idea how to perk up their outfits and still maintain a simple yet trendy look should definitely believe in the power of cardigans instead of Boomer, Jacket or Hoodie.

Outerwears such as cardigans give your simple top look more stylish in the most effortless way possible. If you want to know the must-have cardigan for men, take a look at the choices below.

1. The Knits

The knitted cardigans are suitable for men who are constantly in an air conditioned space. It not only gives you the warmth you need but also makes you look sophisticated in front of others. Choose from the many colours of knitted cardigan pieces available in the market and pick out the ones you can easily mix match with your bottoms.

 2. The V Neck

V neck cardigans are designed with button ups. The V neck design allows you to show off the top you are wearing under it. This definitely helps you look stylish and trendy on a day out. Flaunt this cardigan anywhere you go and still maintain that boyish charm.

3. The Lighweight

The lightweight cardigans are perfect for individuals who want to give their t-shirts or tank tops some spice. Perk up your old plain tops with a nice lightweight cardigan and step out of the house with confidence. You can find plenty of plain colours and printed cardigan designs that can represent your personal style.  

And again if you love to know more, there is a lot more that may suit your taste. CHECK IT OUT NOW!

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  1. huhu baru tahu boboy pun ada problem dengan baju hakhak. pakailah apa pun kalau dah kacak maka kacaklah! hahaha


    1. Hye Elsa. Siapa cakap lelaki tak ada problem dengan baju... Pergh kadang-kadang problem tu sampai tak tahu nak pakai baju apa esok sebab banyak sangat baju hahahhahaha

  2. v neck dan lightweight selalu nampak mens pakai...tapi knit punya cardigan jarang nampak mungkin sebab jenis cardigan yang expensive..

    1. Yes, V neck and lightweight commonly can be seen and yes Knit quite pricey to be compared. But peoples wear what they love tho hahahah.. money no care no more hahahahaa

  3. Knitted cardi kalau pakai dengab cuaca malaysia tak berapa sesuai, tapi betullah kalau duduk dalam air-conditioned space is okay. Kpop style sangaatttt... 😄💁

    1. Hahahahha.. tapi yang knitted tu la style.. Kpop pon kpop lah.. sekali sekala apa salahnya

  4. cardigans jenis no 2 & 3 smart 😍