Popia Pisang Caramel

January 30, 2017

Caramel + Cheesy + Banana + Springroll

Hye guys, business week just ended hectically. 

I'm so curious what are people thinking when they read the title. Just so you know, we always hear about the Popia Basah or Popia Kering. Then if we talk about banana, it will automatically pop up some Pisang Goreng or more advance Pisang Goreng Cheese or maybe Kek Pisang. Then if caramel, obviously Donut Caramel right. Fuhh typical dude! 

So because of all those are too mainstream, we as a super innovative thinker in this century decided to innovate the Caramel Cheesy Banana Springroll which have a lot of mix. I know no one can brain it tho but that make us be so special and outstanding among the other competitors.

You know what, there were 120+ groups selling around the campus on the same date, same place, to the same customers. *mindblown jap bila lecturer bagitahu pasal ni*. Plus, since MMU Melaka is just a small campus, so just imagine how people would rather to take other long roads just to avoid the crowd. Including me tho hm. So then we came out with this tremendous idea. Frankly speaking, we were a bit doubt to do this because we scared if the people who will consumed this may get sick hahahaha

Here are some pictures to be shared:

From the left: 'Izzat, Aiman, Handsome dude, Aina, Zakirah

The Ingredients: The caramel was actually come from the mixture of brown sugar and white sugar. It lower our expenses a lot instead of buying the instant caramel.
The ingredients are not so complicated, we just need the egg wrap (kulit popia), banana, cheese, brown sugar and white sugar. Firstly, you need to mix both sugar as shown in the picture, then cut the banana and cheese into smaller size according to the wrap size. Cheese is needed to make the springroll taste milky, while sugars is for caramel purpose. Then, wrap the small piece of banana, cheese and put some of the mixed sugar on it. Finish!!! Rm 3 for 5 pieces!

The oil must hot like me okay. The frying process was quite though tho because we need to maintain the heat. If  too much heat might burn the springroll into charcoal and if too low it will drag our production.
At the end, we managed to sell all our banana, but the buyers keep asking us to sell it again even not in business week. Sorry guys, we can't. We ended this week with a small party with some popcorn and chicken hahaha..

Thanks Allah, we managed to collect some profits that we can use it to eat at Starbuck for 3 days literally hahaha and 50% of them we had donated to charity.

Thanks for the awesome week guys.

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