7 Lies About Writing You Probably Believe

February 17, 2017

ADDICTED TO WRITING!! Since then, I've subscribed to this website and today I get this email about 7 lies about being a writer that we probably believe.  Let's share!

It says there's a lot of bad information out there about how to become a writer. Some of it is well intentioned, some come from ignorance, and some is just a little bit mean, but it’s important to know which advice about becoming a writer is true and isn't.

#1. You have to be inspired.

\\Inspiration is for amateurs. Real writers write. If you want to be a writer, just go for it. Follow your heart, hold a pen/pencil or tap your keyboard and start writing!!!

#2. You have to be a grammar expert.

\\You don’t need to be an expert at grammar to be a writer. That’s what editors are for. You DO have to learn to be interesting like, during my SPM, we have to write a narrative story. O' God, I really love that part, but finally, I ended up writing an Argumentative essay for my SPM. sigh... I've got A for English :3

#3. Writer is an introvert.

\\The reality is that you do have to be able to spend many hours alone to be a writer, but that never stopped many extroverts from becoming writers. Mix with society, know their stories and manipulate them into a super extra interesting story. Hahahahaha..

#4. Writers make lots of money.

\\The reality is that writers often do make good money, but rarely just from their writing. I don't know much about this. hehe...

#5. Finishing your book is the hardest part.

\\For real, when you finish your book, that’s just the beginning of becoming a writer.
#6. You have good ideas.

\\It doesn’t matter how many great book ideas you have if you can’t finish your book.

#7. You could never be a writer

\\You can make it as a writer. I promise. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, get busy. Like my teacher said, student will be more focus when they know that they have little time and many things to finish. That's why a student can finish their assignment 100% faster especially when the due date is tomorrow hahahahahahahah :').

The reality is we're all learning, we all have more practice to do, and none of us have arrived. I hope you won't let what you don't know about writing stop you from enjoying the process.

Here is one more message from The Write Practice.
\\ If you're ready to become a writer, we'd love to have you in Becoming Writer. Now is the time to start taking your writing seriously, to stop aspiring, and step into your true identity.

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  1. May all your wishes comes true 👍

  2. Nais post amer! yg 1st tu mmg kena sebijik haha. trus mmg rasa nak menulis. :D

    1. Just start je, nanti lama2 dari 200 words, jadi 2000 words hehehe

  3. #1 I started writing because of inspiration from others so maybe I'm an amateur. But hey, I do believe that I am an amateur. forever. haha.

    1. Hahahaha chill.. amateur or not, it doesn't matter. As long as you willing to do, it's just enough. :) .. this is just my opinion tho hahahah

  4. Jadi penulis sebab...I can write better than i talk. :P

    1. the best reason I've ever heard tho hahahahaha ...

  5. suka baca buku&novel tapi bab menulis niiiiii.. suka. tapi nak buat ayat bombastik dan indah tu idok le den mampu haha. ayat-ayat biasa je mampu.

    1. Bagi saya, ayat bombastic hanyalah cosmetic, yg penting apa yang ingin disampaikan mudah difahami dan bermakna :)

  6. nice and interesting...good challenge for me..keep it up bro !