February 08, 2017

This "horror" story was on Saturday 4th 2017,

I don’t mention them enough in my blog and I really should because they are the ones who always with me here in MMU since from the very beginning through all the Nasi Bujang and Air Kosong together. (Indeed, they never open and read my blog hm). 

I met this crazy group of nerd boys. We grow up together, see each other every day, throw deep and sharp words at each other. Sometimes, I wonder why I befriend them. Sumpah wonder! But they are my life now and I feel so lucky to have them.

The day started when I was catastrophically craving for a cake and it must be from Secret Recipe(Yes, yes, I'm cheesy. Leave me alone! Haha...). Then these gentle-like guys were so understanding and wanted to bring me there on the weekend. Not only that, suddenly popped up another tremendous idea from one of the mouth saying "Bowling jom!". Well, as you know, one thing about us... anything can!!!! 

We went out after Zohor, straight to the MIBC Melaka... (pfffft... were studying in the morning).

I swear I'm not a good player, but I won the second place hihihihi.. 

To the SECRET RECIPE and beyond!!!

Cakes never make you fatter.
That is only a rumors.
My craving was satisfied af, but the things was after finished eating, we heard a very familiar voice from nowhere. Guess what, AXXXX TXXX (don't want to mention) was here singing live man! What on earth!!! Aduhhhhhh..... Starting at that second, our plan has ruined! YES! BECAUSE OF THAT HOOMAN! Hahahahaha.....we're totally stressed out but we were there at his concert for a while just for a single "Boooo" and some insta strory. Hahaha... no offence.

As I said ruined, I suggested a movie night. So we went to AEON to have an unplanned movie until 1 a.m. We watched THE SPLIT. 

So that is the "HorrorDay" story that I maybe will never forget. I spent almost RM130 and we saw AXXXX TXXX singing (This freaked our ass out the most). Only God knows the feeling. 
Nasi Bujang mode on!

Farewell moneys, Hi memories...

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  1. hahahaha a great story though (but not that AXXXX TXXX part) kahkah. I should say that having a group of friend who will stick to us through Nasi Bujang and Skyjuice is the one that we should keep. Keep them and treasure your friendship :)
    followed you too, looking forward for the next post.

    1. Indeed, so indeed.. Thanks for following back.

  2. Hey Mer, sama nama bro. Btw, I have followed your blog. I can see that your blog is kinda new and need to work a bit harder before you apply for the adsense.
    I think you should have at least 40 posts and above before you applying for adsense.

    I've wrote an entry to answer your question. You can see it here : https://amerjaya.blogspot.my/2017/02/nak-daftar-adsense-tapi-blogger-baru.html

    1. Thanks bro hahahah... 40 posts??? GGWP braderrr :")

  3. spend time with friends is fun. :D

  4. Nasi bujang is life..

  5. Nasibujang dan student berpisah tiada hahahahaa

    1. Realiti hidup sebagai seorang student hahahaha