Tour to Artificial China

February 11, 2017

Main Entrance

I hope it's not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year to whoever celebrating it.

As you can see, in the week after the CNY, MMU Melaka was having a very wonderful event where our CLC Concourse was enlighten by red light lanterns and plenty of unique China-like decorations around the place. 

So, I would like to share some of my short escape to this artificial Chinese village here in MMU.

An old Chinese house.

It was so beautiful and creative - made up of brown wrapping papers and cupboards. There were a lot of things inside this house like antique porcelains, wooden cabinet, old wooden chairs, old bicycle at the outside and also old cellphone.

In brief, it was superb!, but I forgot to take pictures because I was so mesmerized at this time. Sorry hahahaha..

This event was actually held by our Chinese Language Society here. They were absolutely awesome with all this eyes-candy views. If I'm not mistaken, I saw them completing these for 3 nights, in fact the final exam is just around the corner. The whole team played well #respect

Here they show 100 different type of surname existed in the world
Here are some surnames that I insisted my Chinese friends to list down hahaha... :    

BAI  (bái)   白, means "white".
DU (dù)   杜,  means "stop, prevent".
FAN (fàn) 范,  means "bee".
GUAN (guān) 关,  means "frontier pass".
GUO (guō)  郭  means "outer city".
HU (hú)  胡, means "beard, whiskers, recklessly, wildly, barbarian".
HUANG (huáng)黄,  means "yellow".
JIANG (1)   (jiāng) 江,  means "river, Yangtze".
JIANG (2) (jiāng)  姜, means "ginger".
JIN  (jīn) 金,  means "gold".
LIN (lín) 林, means "forest".

All the 12 zodiacs!!!!

Talking about the zodiacs, I was born in The Tiger Year (1998) and this year is The Rooster Year (2017).

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of the five elements : Gold, Wood, Water, Fire or Earth. For instance, this year is Fire Rooster year which means trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. (Applause to me, I've made some good researches ahahha)

Actually, we were so "jakun" in there. We walked, stopped, took pictures and people stared at us with some kind of weird sight. I was like "Ignore them. Haters gonna hate."  Hahahaha...

Again, Happy Chinese New Year, may this year will be better than before.
Share some interesting stories in the comment about your CNY day!

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  1. The artificial China looks real! congrats to the organizer. One of the most beautiful things in University is we have the chance to experience other people's culture. Sometimes we don't even know their culture and background. By having this kind of celebration or exhibition it'll enhance our knowledge and raise awareness to the people to appreciate other people's culture. Glad that you enjoyed the celebration Amer.

    1. Thank you bro.. Continuously supporting my blog. Yeah.. If only we can build strong understanding among our society , i can't imagine how beautiful the world would be. Huhuhuhu

  2. Youre blog are very nice ah. It so good to see malay so entering with chinese. Nice for you. Keep its up

  3. Wow~full of knowledge
    Good job man

  4. Hello amer...I love to read your blog...very interesting and a lot of information...keep it up man..

    1. Thanks buddy for supporting. I feel like want to cry hahahahaha. Terharu hm