Simple Ideas for Weekend Outfits

January 23, 2019

Have no idea what to wear during your date with her this weekend? Or boring with all the strict rules of stylish men? Look no further than these maniac ideas of weekend outfits.
Not all the time you need to be smart and heavy, right. Simple weekend looks can also be effortless and cool at the same time. Whether you’re going for a party with friends or brunch with family, you can easily put together these outfits and look your best.
Scroll below to see the coolest weekend outfit ideas.
1. Navy Crew Neck With Beige Chinos and Loafers

Why I put this as the first because the combination of navy blue and beige chinos are truly super awesome, trust me. This is because navy blue gives you a fit look while chinos put a semi-smart casual of your appearance. Loafers are the best choice for sure tho. 

Your sweetheart must be lost her consciousness for a second, I promise that.

2. Black Joggers With Dark Grey Neck

Jogger, jogger, jogger. Do you know how comfort jogger is? I guess every man need to have one since I also have only one hahaha. It's a bit thick but depends on the brand some so-so.
If you plan to buy one, you can get from ZALORA. Price RM 35-50. Quite worth for a buy.
3. Classic White Neck With Grey Chinos

Well, I always love gray. It gives some decent look on me. It looks clean like a great obligate man. Hahahaha... A white shirt would help you to give wider and bigger size of the body. So much recommended for a skinny man like me. 
Check out my previous post about  5 STYLE TIPS FOR THE SKINNY GUY
4. Plain White Shirt With Black Denim.

As usual, white never left behind. If you are the guy that always want to look smart, here I give you one idea. Grab a plain why shirt. Mix it with a black jeans/chinos. Wear it and stand in front of your big mirror then you will say "You gonna be kidding me!" 

If these work on you. Well, you can thank me later. I think I would post about some best suggestion for color combination outfits

Till we meet again. 
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