Malasnya Fikir

January 13, 2019

Tomorrow will be the 8th week of this trimester which means I have another 6 weeks before my internship starts. Guess what I still have not confirmed any placement yet. Yes, I do get several offers but none of them are official. 

Fyi, I will start my internship this March. And I'm not ready.
Malas fikirlah...
But I have too! Since most of them are in Selangor (Petaling Jaya / Bangi / Kajang, if you have room to rent, please let me know), so I need to consider the place to sleep. Dude, I can't even focus on my quizzes and midterms because I'm such a tragically nervous. 

Pass few weeks, when I opened my laptop to read the lecture notes, I will split my screen into 2 parts. Thank god Windows has that ability. Notes on the left and on the right. Oh haaa... Google Map on the next tabs because I want to calculate the distance between the place and the company.

What if I haven't confirmed to any companies till the final week. Wow, hectic bro! Worse, I need to ride by my own to that place from Mallaca. I wish some miracles will happen.

Okay done for now. I want to continue searching for a room. 

Again, if you have room to rent at the places I stated above, please do contact me. Thanks!

...anyway the picture is a GIF. It will be preloading like that until the end of the day.

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  1. heyyy may Allah ease everything for you ☺☺

  2. Usually when we are too nervous or worry about something, we cannot focus in doing anything and feel lazy to think about it. Just try your best to find place for your internship. Our rezeki has been fixed, but we just do not know when we will get it and in what form. May God ease the journey for your internship. All the best.

  3. goodluck amer! btw saya follow sini #252

  4. Haha, teringat kak pip buat intern .. dah dpt placement kat ampang, so fly dr sabah pergi kl kan .. Lepas tu tumpang rumah BFF kat setapak .. Lepas tu 1st day intern, company tak tau pun dorg ada trainee ... check punya check, yg accept kak pip ialah company tu punya site office, project di Perak .. Woha! I nak nangis time tu.. Gila nak pergi Perak time tu juga, mmg tak la..

    1 week cari tempat intern, lucky dapat .. Tapi nun sana Kelana Jaya and kak pip stay Setapak ...

    Cabarannya, hari2 kena naik LRT sejam setiap perjalanan + 30 minit naik bas ke tempat intern ... kenangan sungguh time intern..

    All the best tau for Amer.

  5. Good luck in finding places for your intern!

    There's a lot of rooms for rent in Bangi/Kajang area so if I were you I wouldn't be stress out much on the finding house part but more on the placement part lol.

  6. Gigih la duk tunggu gambar tu bila nak keluar ahahahah aduhh

  7. Good luck Amer! May Allah ease everything for your internship 💪🏻

  8. Goodluck bro! degree en, awal betul intern. May Allah ease everything!

  9. CISKEKKK! den tunggu je bila gambar tu nak muncul. last last baca ayat akhir. kbai! hahaha. btw, goodluck Amer! banyak banyak doa, solat hajat, sedekah.. inshaaAllah urusan semuanya akan dipermudahkan :)

    p/s: kalau ada kesempatan, jemput join segmen :) tarikh akhir 26 jan