Ain't Ambivalent. Maybe.

June 15, 2017

Tap tap tap... do you still remember me?

Honestly, it took quite some times for me to dig all my power that treasured beneath my lazy-bed mood and get back in my writing trench.

I find that after weeks I was embedded in my bed has turned me into a sloth, I think lah.

So, first reminder is never left your baby-blog more than 1 week. Lol.

Currently, I have done my foundation studies, the result might come out soon.

Foundation had turned me into a nocturnal human tho, as I always sleep at 3 am and have not enough sleep. I want to stay procrastinate on my bed until I feel I want to get my butt off from it but I can't.

Now I can feel a bit more relax in the home, I guess. Every day is working day. Need to find money tho. Can anyone suggest to me what job that I can do? Would glad to know it.

After all, I still find myself reminiscing every single memory that I had there with my pals. Feel like we have established a great bond like and already knew each other for sometimes. A friendship that I want to keep as long as I live.

Right now, at home where the ambiance is lacking pitching laughter and silliness, I am missing them tho.

However, it is totally a bluff If I say I didn't get hurt at some point but it wouldn't be a good journey if it was all smooth without any rain and storm. Like the sailors, sail a plain-sailing in the tame sea, right?

So, I am grateful to have all of it.

To who have followed me on Instagram might see this redundant picture but I still want to share it here hahaha.

The pictures of my last day foundation life.

Some people say it's the easiest hello and the hardest goodbye. Ain't ambivalent about it anymore, maybe. It's truly hard to say goodbye now.

Anyway, I just finished editing the presents for Sayidah, Jasmi and Mieza. Will send to you very soon okay.

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  1. I am missing fun togetherness at home too.

    I have a very important question. Do great bloggers face lazy-time as well? lol

    1. I don't know about that hahahah.. Maybe great bloggers have a great lazy-time in the good way hahah

    2. Lazy-time by producing short post ever. haha.. I did it

  2. congratulation as you able to finish your foundation.. keep going to do more great thing in future

  3. have fun while you still can,
    just be lazy butt,
    sleep all the time you want,
    but never once you continue your study or get to work T_T
    all the best, cheers.

  4. as it an end to you, but it a start for me. congrates for be able to finish yours and all the best for da result btw ;)