LAZADA Ramadhan Raya Blogger Contest | Kedah, I'm Coming!

June 20, 2017

Week Four Contest

Theme: Travelling Back Home 

a. Where do you celebrate Raya this year? 

I will be celebrating Raya in Kulim, Kedah, my hometown. Watching Lazada Raya ads and listening to Raya songs are just making the feeling become so overwhelming. I have bought my ticket. Extra excited! 

b. List down your "balik kampung" essentials. 

What do I need? I need a great power bank, a bigger backpack, and a new cloth, pants, and shoe for Raya.

c. What would you like to buy on Lazada’s platform to bring along for "balik kampung"? 

Yes of course I am. I have a long wishlist but I will just point out the most crucial things that I need this Raya for "balik kampung". 

Only God knows how I do really need this. I put this as the first in this list because since my phone has not-so-good battery power so, a long tiring journey from Melaka to Kedah might be so bad without it. Especially when I reach Kedah and want to request a Uber ride. Lazada, please hear my groaning.

I already have a language but it is not so convenient for me and it's quite big. So, I need this awesome backpack! Easy for me to just put on my shoulder than pull it on the floor.

Hey, my Raya would be more lit if I could bring this along. Easily matches with any color of cloth, eye-catching and stand out from the ordinary ones. Plus, my wallet has worn out. 
How prestige and elegant for men to have this kind of watch. DW is an adorable brand. Can anybody give me as my birthday present? Hahaha.. just a day before Raya! 
Okay, this is my last wish. Please, a man named Amer really need this for his Raya.

I hope this Raya would be so precious to all of you and glad to tell that my birthday is just a day before Raya which is (24 June 2017). I hope my birthday and Raya could bring a magic to me and able to win this contest! Hahahahaha!! 

And for those who are still searching for the best sales to buy your stuff, don't forget to check the Marhaban Ya Ramadhan and Riang Ria Raya sale ( that will take place from May 19 to 30 June where you can find special discounts up to 90%!. 

Don't miss it!
Salam Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya!

Perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa, 
Kerna hati ku melonjak sama, 
Ingin berjumpa sanak saudara, 
Yang selalu bermain di mata.

Oh Oh Balik Kampung!!!!!
Hati Girang~!

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  1. so excited bro. haha wish u have a good in your balik kampung to Kedah!


    1. and of course in this Lazada contest!

    2. Hi Man! Yeah you too bro! Hope you puasa penuh hahaha

  2. Good luck dik.. Slmat balik kampung yaa.. Huhiii

  3. Goodluck on the contest and happy holiday !

  4. Waahh.. Same as me.. but I'm 1 day old than you hahaha xD
    Mine 23 Jun birthday! hehe Good luck!

  5. good luck Amerzing and safe journey back to Kedah..I m heading to my husband howe town too in Kedah.. ;D

  6. Good luck.. semoga selamat sampai Kedah.. :D

  7. good luck, Amer :)

    Fatina |

  8. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri Amer...
    Wah! balik utara no...
    Not to forget congratulations! you won too