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August 02, 2017

Have Courage and Talk
Good day!

Yesterday, I've got some questions on how I can have the courage to blog in English even though I am surely not a native speaker. I answered them with simple replies which I would like to share with you guys too.

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Well, I would love to read writings in English. Some of them are really good and some are quite hm... need more practice. But that is not a big deal, at least you have tried. You must be proud of yourself pals! I myself also not so good but I keep trying and learning.

So, here are what I do in order to be better at English. It might suit you too.

1. I watch English Movies/TV Shows a lot!

Absolutely, yes! If you have never watched any English movies, you are lying. Even SpongeBob Squarepants is aired in English though. Every day, 5 p.m on Tv9. Hahahaha...

Why I say watching movies is so helpful because from there you can hear their accent and see their body language when speaking. Plus, when you don't understand some words, you can directly refer to the subtitles. Unofficially, you can know the actual way to use that word.

For example, I'm quite content! 

If you directly translate it into Malay, you will find that "Saya cukup kandungan". Lol! No one is pregnant. I'm quite content means I'm satisfied!

To be honest,  I learned this sentence from the Pan movie hahaha... other than that, I mostly watch romance and action movies.

2. I love to Read English Novels!

Do you know Nicolas Spark?  He is an American novelist that won my heart with his writings. I have all his books except "Notebook".

Reading a novel will likely help you on developing good sentences rather than simple sentences that we regularly use in daily life. Would be helpful if you are going to take an English writing exam.

The most interesting part is you will find many new bombastic words that you might need some help from a dictionary to translate. These words may enhance your vocabulary day by day. Great!

3. Talk! Talk! Talk!

Shy? There is no "shy" if you are really want to try and learn. For the first time, it might be a bit awkward but after that, you will get used to it. No worry. After a month, I believe that you will find your tongue is actually meant to speak English. Seriously!

BUT! try not to imitate too much. I know some of us really love the British accent and keep imitating it until a moment you feel like you are choked by yourself. Lol.

Speak like a normal person. If you want to have a good accent, first you must master the vocab and pronunciation or not you will find some difficulties.

Find friends to talk to. If you are a parent, talk to your children in English. Just a simple word is enough like "Eat", "Let's sleep", "No!", and etc. This will slowly develop their fluency and yours too.


So, that's all for today. Need to go to class. (Student Life)
I hope you will find this post is so helpful.

p/s: If there is a grammar mistake here and there in this post. Mind to correct me okay :)


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  1. CCL tak der lah pandai sangat bahasa inggeris ni . Tapi kalau tiap2 hari kita usaha untuk faham one words alhamdulillah lama-lama kita akan boleh . Yang penting usaha kena ada .

    Jum singgah blog CCL

  2. well said Amer..beside watching movies and reading novels..communication is the best way to sharpen your English..be like the Indians (not all) they just speak up even the grammar and the construction is a mess..haha..

    1. Yassss!!! I couldn't agree more! Even though we know we are totally messed up but at least we learn from mistakes.

  3. I did those. Kalau pun berat nak baca novel berbahasa Inggris, baca lah blog Amer. hihi

    1. Hahahahah nasihat yang sangat berguna!!! Hahahaha!! (laugh out loud)

  4. We're honestly in the same boat. Even my english is so baaadddddd, but blogging in English is one of the way to keep improving myself.

    Love your writing. Singgah folo sini :)

    1. Hi. Thank you so much. Will surely follow you back :)

  5. GV also had bad writing in English. Broken grammar. Broken English. Not to mention when i talk. So hancur. huhu. But i want to improve my english skills and would love to write in English language in my blog. Maybe not today, probably next year. Hihi.

    1. Yes Yes Yes please... I would be glad to read all your masterpieces. Don't down yourself, believe it that you can! :)

  6. good tips especially untuk students yang lemah english (macam ain dulu la haha).