Oh Wait, I Can Feel It Now!

August 31, 2017

“Can I plug in this woofer with my phone?”

*try to play a song.

“Damn! So loud!”

That was my last night. The struggle to make my alarm banging as loud as it can so that I can wake up early and won’t miss the 9 am bus. Now, guess what am I doing throughout this Independence Day?

Sitting on the bus chair!!!

“Fuh, first time aku naik bas 2 tingkat nih.”

“Jangan perak sangat”

Usually, I take the ETS Train instead of the bus. They have washroom, café, electric plug and surau. The most important thing is no traffic. But, unfortunately, I was too late. There was no more ticket left for me. Hmm… why so many people ahh this day?

This is my first time going home in the middle of the semester since last year. Before this, I only went home in the trimester break, literally 3 times a year. You know right. Kedah is quite far from Melaka and I couldn’t bear the “kebas bontot” vibes. Oh wait, I can feel it now! *sigh

My last journey by bus was 12 hours from Kedah to Johor. It was hectic, for real! And now I stuck again in a bus with one of my Kedahan friend, Fahmi. On the bright side, at least I could spend some time for blogging.

Arghhh so hungry… gonna grab some bread that I bought just now.

Before that, I would like to recommend you thidouble-deckerer bus. It’s from Pancaran Matahari. The seats are comfort, wide space, tv with Astro channel and 3-pin plug under its chair. RM 65 from Melaka Sentral to Butterworth. I am satisfied with everything it has, so yeah… It’s worth it!

Maybe you can share your “bus journey” story in the comment below too hehehe..

Update: This journey hit the new record. 13 hours from Melaka Central to Penang Central. #amerisstrong

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  1. I'm in my car otw to kampung in Ganu from Perak. Literally the whole day journey, 12hours! Yeap too many people going back home during this holiday.

    I hate travelling by bus too. Always would try to avoid that. Though ETS seat is more uncomfortable but I prefer the shorter journey.

    Anyway, happy holiday amerzingg :)

    1. Based on driver prediction just now, we will arive at 12 am or 1 am. Pray for me =')

  2. Wahh dah canggih bus sekarang ada plug.. Dulu naik bas membuta jelah,hahah takpun pasang cite korea, sempat la 5 - 6 episode.,hahaha.

  3. wowwww blogging by lappy in the bus!!!
    it's quite rare. Never try this. I normally just use my phone blog's app if I'm in travel. But it's always better than sleeping :)

    1. Hahahahh this is the perfect time to show people that blogger community still exist. I'm proud to update my blog in the public. It feels like something ease.