How to Get Yourself to Study?

December 08, 2017

Well, everybody’s parents, at least mine kept emphasizing the essence of good grades, a good uni and so on. But I never seemed to get it, why study at all?

When the test week is around the corner, the fear of failure grips me and I study a bit to not get an F on my report card, but that desire, that passion for learning more never existed.

This is when I realized that just getting motivated isn’t gonna help me improve my grades.

What is motivation?
I like to consider motivation as yeast to your cake. A little bit of yeast is enough to make your dough all soft and fluffy. But yeast in itself is gonna do nothing.

The dough, I would like to compare it to the habits you build over time.

Motivation will you give you that kick start but it’s up to you to stay in the long, tiresome race of life and emerge victoriously.

The myth
Let’s face it! Study isn’t gonna happen in a day. If you spend the entire year, thinking about the next Fast and Furious movie or about that new NFS game, your brain is going to be thinking along the same lines right before your exam too.

Ask yourself the right questions
The ultimate, long lasting motivation or rather purpose to study arises from asking yourself the right questions:
  • Why should you study?
  • What will happen if you don’t?
  • What will happen if you ace your class?
  • What will happen if you barely pass?
When I asked myself these questions, the will to study emerged willingly.
After asking yourself these questions, summarize as I did here:
“I study because I want good grades and without them, I won’t get into a good university and I probably won’t get a good job.”

Now yeah, you don’t have to get into a good uni to get a good job, but your chances of getting a good job increase.

When you constantly remind yourself of what will happen when you don’t study, you’ll feel more like studying. Try it today: instead of thinking about the fun things you can do during the time of study, ponder upon the negative consequences of not studying namely building up stress for the finals or not being able to cram in more material: this will help you realize why must study now and not later.

Build good study habits. Make it a routine to revise a bit everyday to avoid piling up tons of equations and formulae to be mugged up at the last moment. Habits are formed out of simple tasks being repeatedly done on a consistent basis.

Pick a routine, something like, “As soon as the weekend approaches, I’m gonna study one chapter of any subject.”

Pick something small and achievable and keep carrying out that routine over and over again.

Over time, you’ll find that you need less effort to study; thus enabling you to study even when your motivation is low.

You can learn more about the importance of habits here.

Procrastination is the killer of all success. The act of delaying your most important tasks will diminish the quality of your life and maybe you have the will to study but are too habituated into procrastinating that you never can make yourself study.

Click here to find an easy way to quit procrastination once and for all.

To sum up
  1. Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll have yourself a genuine reason to study.
  2. Build good habits by doing a particular routine over and over again.
  3. Try to procrastinate on procrastination.
I write articles on habits that help you get the most out of life. I not only mention these habits but provide you with a plan to implement those habits ASAP because I want you to change your lives ASAP :)

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  1. i procrastinate all the time back then. hahaha

    1. Me too! Procrastinating at its best!

  2. as for me its all about sincerity towards your goals and with that there is no excuses whatsoever..

    1. Ya right! Our ultimate intention is the most important role in this play. :)