Samyang Challenge by fav_samyangramen.coklat

December 09, 2017

Hi guys!

Guess what! Samyang Challenge is ACCEPTED!

First of all, thank you to fav_samyangramen.coklat for the 2X Spicy and Curry Samyang. I could say that their service is fantastic! 

The delivery was fast and packaging was so net. I received the goods in a great condition (wrapped with bubble wrap). Thanks!

2X Spicy Samyang
Curry Samyang

All of these Samyang have a certificated halal stamp by Korea Muslim Federation Halal Committee.

Extra: Mail bought a normal spicy Samyang cup (Hot Chicken Flavour Samyang Cup). We wanted to compare the difference between 2x Spicy and the normal spicy.
Hot Chicken Flavour Samyang Cup

Let's get started! 

I did this challenge with my friends; Mail and Izzat. Sorry to Aiman and Raziq sebab tak join. Siapa suruh balik weekend ni huhuhu...

What do we need?

Samyang Challenge starter pack: 
*applicable for "bujang" student hahaha

  1. Water Heater
  2. Bowls
  3. Forks
  4. Samyang 2X spicy
  5. Samyang Curry
  6. Hot Chicken Flavour Samyang Cup
  7. 3X Spicy Tuna by Ayam Brand (additional)
Wait for 5 minutes
We included 3X Spicy Tuna as the protein supplier because we don't take our dinner. Only this is our dinner on that night. #studentlife

Some review: even though this tuna is 3X spicy but it's not that spicy lah...

3X Spicy Tuna by Ayam Brand. Make sure to filter the oil first!
Challenge completed in the handsome way
Review on the Hotness:

Honestly, never to pretend and never to lie. Samyang 2X Spicy was so hot and spicy!!! You can literally compare the hotness between the Hot Chicken and 2X Spicy. The degree of hotness is totally different.

You can feel the sore of hotness going through your throat like the running pipe water but you can not resist to stop it because it's so delicous. I don't know how to describe but we managed to finish it WITHOUT a single drop of water. *proud

While the Curry tastes like the typical mamak curry. Not too spicy not too hot. Just a normal curry but the smell quite strong. There were some flakes, maybe curry flakes.

Overall, 2X Spicy is really spicy, recommended for the spicy lover. The Curry is not my gigs but the taste is not bad. Hot Chicken is also not bad and the taste of the chicken was not so distinguishing.

You can check out for more flavor and buy them from fav_samyangramen.coklat on their Instagram and Carousell.

Till next time!

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  1. Rasa lapar pulakk, Dah try yang 2x spicy. Surrender, skali suap dah berair mata. Hahaa

    1. Berair mata tu memang wajiblah... tambah2 bila tak boleh minum air.. Hanya Tuhan yg tahu hahah

  2. i couldn't even finish the one with cheese. hahahaahahaha
    cried since the first bite. i kenotttt XD

    1. Should I try cheese too? Hahahha

  3. saya boleh makan yg cheese je, lain tu memang tak mampoo

    1. Hmmm.. I think I should really try the cheese one!

  4. Still prefer the original Samyang !! :)

    1. Original has no challenge lah hahahah

  5. 2x spicy memang tak boleh nak masuk langsung..pedas tahap namatik! tapi saya suka yang cheese

    1. And... I will find the cheese flavor now!

  6. weh sha makan yang 2x spicy tu menangis beria gila hahahahaha boleh 2 sudu je susu sebotol dah habis, pedas baqhang!

  7. serius Hot 2x spicy memang super super pedasss and boleh rasa telinga berasap. hahahahahha siap hiccup semua ade lah HAHAHAHA