All Time Fav Desserts in Malacca

June 04, 2018

Hey guys!

Here it comes again! I never get enough of desserts, for real!

As usual, I'm still food hunting in Malacca, they have a lot of food that will make you devour. Urghhhhh~

You can check out some other foodporn here:

So this week I would like to share and recommend these three desserts that should be on top of your wishlist when you travel to Malacca.

1. Coconut Shake Batu Berendam

Apparently, Malacca has 2 popular places that serve coconut Shake, which is at Pantai Klebang and Batu Berendam. Personally, I love and prefer the one from Batu Berendam. BUT BOTH ARE SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! 

...and hey! the also serve FREE WATER REFILL when you eat at their stall. I got a jug of Mata Kucing juice for free tho. Hehehe...

2. Kuih Keria Batu Berendam

You can find this goddess Kuih Keria just next to the coconut shake stall. It is like killing two birds with one stone. You come to the same spot and get everything that you want. Of course, there are a lot more foods available, for example, Pasembur, Rojak, Nuggets, Mee, Laksa, and etc.

3. Ice Cream Kelapa Pandan (D'nans Ais Krim)

Dude! You won't believe me that this ice cream is handmade and it tastes 100% better than you Magnum hahaha... It's so soft, sweet and authentic. It's coconut ice cream with red beans and corns. I can't stop thinking about you, sweet.

Oh yeah, you can find 'em at Pantai Klebang. They sell this on the food truck. Just walk on the beach side and you'll find them. 

I hope these would mouth water you a lot! Hahahaha. So what are you waiting for?


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  1. Really want to try the coconut shake but every single time I go back to Malacca, my parents keep saying, "Ala, line panjanglah. Tak payah pergilah" T_T

    1. Jgn risau, line tak panjang dah sekarang. Banyak counter hehe

  2. Coconut shake 😍😍😍

    My blog --->Erni Hasmiza

  3. im planning a road trip to Malacca with my mom soon. these tips are so helpful. nak cari makanan makanan dan makanan. lamanya tak drop by Malacca =D

  4. ohmaii english! nampak sedap cocount shake tuuuuu! kenapa kejam sangat ni tayang tayang time puasa ni tetibe hahaa

  5. beribu kali dah rasanya pergi klebang tapi tak pernah perasan pulak aiskrim kelapa pandan tu. Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. jemput singgah ke blog, ini link terbaru

  8. Ni lagi sorang! Weiii orang posa niiii... T_T

  9. tak pernah lagi menjejak kaki ke batu berendam ni

  10. Nice! Mana tau rezeki ke Melaka lepas ni bolehlah cari 3 item ni :D