Ship My Motorcycle with SKYNET to Mallaca

June 02, 2018

*I don't know why all my pictures in this post were cracked. I'm so sorry*


However, I need to ship this motor to Melaka since I bought it in Kedah. I should buy it in Melaka instead. *too late

So I was searching for the best option to ship it. I found many ways, Pos Laju, Skynet, Intercity Bus, KTMB, and Door-to-Door service.

They have their pros and cons tho. It's quite hard for me to choose the best one. So here are my opinions:

1. Pos Laju:

It's no doubt that Pos Laju offers the cheapest price! However, I have read a lot of reviews saying that they received their stuff in a not-so-good condition which makes me a bit worried. It was not only scratches but some compartments were broken. Plus, the shipping duration takes around 2 weeks at most but I need it in the instance since I'm moving outside the campus.

Skynet wrapped 'em up
2. Intercity Bus:

I searched for them at Sungai Petani bus stop (the nearest place to my hometown) but unluckily I didn't find any of them. I asked the other counters at the bus stop but they say the service has stopped. I believe I went home. The price is about RM100+. I wasn't really sure.

I would prefer to use the bus because I could hop on together with my motor beside me. At least, my motor safety is more guaranteed, right?  Hahaha *sorry clingy

Small Scratch

3. KTMB: 

It's fast, quite affordable but the station is quite far from my place. Nearest is in Tampin while I'm in Ayer Keroh. Sorry KTMB, you are not the one. :)

4. Door-to-Door:

They pick up at my house in Kedah and send straight in front of my door in Melaka. But, it's super-duper expensive. About RM700 I guess. But I'm not surprised because Kedah and Melaka are so freaking far, right?

Check out mover rental at Click the picture:

5. Skynet:

Here it comes!

Price? For me, it's a bit expensive. RM 230+ if I'm not mistaken. This includes wrapping and a maximum RM100 refund if there's any damage except scratches.

BUT THE THING IS! I posted today at 3 p.m., I received it tomorrow evening! I was shocked! I wasn't expecting that. However, I got one small scratch. Sad huh? but it can be covered by my uni parking sticker so pass.

#basically, I think my decision to choose Skynet is mostly influenced by the time measure. I need my motor to be in Melaka in a week. After rough considering, I chose Skynet.

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  1. cousin sha pernah jugak pos dari kedah ke ganu tapi guna pos laju dan calar hahahaha sedih dh la baru beli time tu, dan akak kawan sha pernah naik bas motor dia dari nogori balik kedah! hehe tapi tu time 2015 gitu la

    1. Sedih juga lah calar sikit tapi nk buat mcm mna kan hahaha. Ingat nk naik bas dengan motor juga tpi tak jumpa. *sigh

  2. Laaa calar pulak dah hurmm

  3. omooo boleh eh macam ni ? first time tengok hehe..

    1. Haah boleh mcm2 cara, tapi saya pilih Skynet

  4. peeewiitt~ ada motor baru tahniahh! boleh la rempit selepas ni ehhh hahaha.

  5. wow never thought about using postage courier for something this big. i remember using dad's exora to bring my scooter home (:

    1. yes. now everythin can be done using postage... woww rare!

  6. Bro, thanks for sharing your experience! Choosing the right way to ship a motorcycle can be a headache, but your insights really help. Skynet seems like a good call, fast delivery, just a small scratch, and within the timeframe you needed. Good choice, man! 👍