It's Ramadhan!

June 01, 2018

From the Left: Soso, Von, Jibby, Acaz, Me
Before that, mind my chaotic English. I'm improving it. (you stop writing for a while and you will understand me hahaha) and this post might contain childish sense.

A day out with special people is worthy in any way!


Thank you guys for the amazing weekend! I was reluctant to go actually, well, I'm so lazy to travel while fasting especially to KL. But guess what, I do went to KL to meet them. *sigh

So this post is mainly about my journey to this so-called a small reunion of the banders in high school. We were 6 people actually.

It was in the weekend, so, I took Grab from my house to bus station, a bus from Melaka Sentral to TBS, then the Komuter from TBS to KL Sentral. Sound complicated? Yes, it is!

We were planning to have our iftar eating foods from a bazaar, so we went to the bazaar at Masjid India. You know what? It was soooooooooooo intense. The crowd was extremely huge AND SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO PICKPOCKET ME!

Oh Crap! Be carefull dude!

But luckily Acaz realized it and she gave 'em a "girl" eye-to-eye contact with some lightning spark in between until they ran away. Thanks, Acaz. No doubt, girls do have superpowers.

Real footage of Bazaar at Masjid India
Since we didn't find any interesting meals and the crowd was so mean. we decided to go to HR Steak House at Kampung Baru! Out of sudden, I ordered Ribs Grill and got a striking headache like it was burning my whole brain!

Just then I knew that I'm no friend to any lamb meals. It kills me. BUT IT TASTE HEAVEN!!! (scroll down for details)

Oh and yeah, Soso told us about her crushes. You go wild, girl!

Finish eating,  we went to the mosque nearby for prayer.

You can't expect what will happen next when you are with your besties, believe me. (Trusted opinion)

Guess what, we were walking at the roadside to the Quill Mall. What I can say is it was so exhausted and wasting energy but since it was with them I couldn't feel any better and my headache also has gone a bit.

We were planning to watch Deadpool 2 but I could not stand anymore. About to collapse cause my head was about to explode. But yeah, a wefie is a must!

A picture with Balqis

Quill Mall Entrance, we thought it was dope except for Von.
Do you think my struggle has come to an end? (headache game strong)


They brought me to KLCC to see the fountain. We took the LRT from eh no no, we took Grab from Quill to KLCC. I could not agree more, it was cool and beautiful. 

The Fountain

Thank you, Najib for the luxury hospitality. Appreciate it.

It was at 10 p.m, I took 2 tablets of Panadol and 3 bottles of mineral water then I slept. I didn't realize anything until the next morning, I found my "sleeping beauty" photo in Von's Instagram saying that they are going to Sahur at McD and left me alone in the bedroom.

Why do I have friends like them? End up, I ate a bar of Mars for Sahur and I survived.

Thank God.

So that's my story. What's yours? Any reunion iftar with old silly friends? Tell me in the comment below hahaha. *does it sounds like promoting? Forget it.

If you think that this post is silly, I'm sorry. I write this without any professional intention. Just for fun while waiting for iftar. So yeah!

Till next time! Happy iftar!

The price is affordable and the taste is satisfying, so I recommend it to you:

HR Steak House
56, Jalan Raja Alang, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Open Maps!

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  1. salam ramadhan mer! lama betul taknampak hehe

    1. Hi Shafyqah! Hahahha nak kutip mood menulis jappp.. zupp zupp

  2. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Amer hihi

    Erni Hasmiza

  3. your English is good. keep it up.. happy ramadhan =)

  4. hahaha i love this 'silly' way of your writing. more casual & rollercoaster emotions feelings.

    and takde pun reunion iftar with my old or new friends sobsobsobbb. terperap je dalam rumah as usual kahkah.

    btw, jemput join segmen bloglist akak awak yang comel ni mueehhee