Breathing 2nd Year Vibes

October 26, 2018


I'm back!

Time flies, and I'm now in my 2nd year degree. Still can't get over it but I think everything is getting tougher, obviously, but yeahhhh... nothing in life is easy.

As most students would agree, waking up in the morning in time for university can be one of the hardest thing to do, and even when you wake up on time you still crave for more sleep. Especially waking up on Monday mornings can be a struggle at times. 

After hitting snooze a few times, I finally make it to kick my ass off my bed. Prepare my things and ready to go to class. 

Everyday is the same. Go to campus in the morning then go home in the evening. What a lifeless and unhealthy lifestyle. 

typical mirror selfie at H&M

Actually, there were several things that I didn't write here (because no time), but one of them is I'VE MOVED OUT! I'm no longer a "hostel boy", I kicked myself out from there and now living in a house with my friends.


Then, I went to Langkawi for a volunteering event, teach the kids how to use Adobe Photoshop and play with 'em. I make new friends and memories and it makes me realized that "Unexpected friendships are the best one". Do you agree with me?

Basically, everything new I'll update on my Instagram --> @ameridzuan

For your information, I just finished my first semester 2nd year final examination. Just hoping for the best because the subjects were hard ff but i have tried my best. 

I just want.



What can I say is when I started my 2nd year, everything has changed. It makes me feels like I have my own responsibility and I can't procrastinate my works.

And yes, my first year went very well. I joined dancing class (basically learnt about Zapin) in my short semester. It was so much fun tho. Easy pizzy like a lemon squiziii because all I need to do were just go dance, get sweat, go home. Stress-free.

It have been a while right? How about some friendly comments? 

See ya in next post!


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  1. hi...memang best tinggal diluar berbanding hostel kan??.

  2. Time flies to fast and I already enter the college. Hahaha. And yeah Im living at the hostel now. So, not really get the freedom. Btw, Congrats on your first photoshoot bro. I'm on my way too.

  3. wah bagus lah entri awak kali ni ! kipidap !

  4. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..

  5. It has been truly along time since I've seen you post something but good luck in your studies!

  6. Nice, at least you pursue your degree. WHile me, havent have a thought about it yet.

  7. All undergrad students in my uni stays in hostel so I don't know how living in a house with friends (or strangers) feels like haha.

  8. yupz!! stay outside u have moreeeeee freedom compared to hostel even the rent price is quite different. Once u enter the third year your mindset also gonna give another perception about life after degree. hahahahah

  9. having a free lifestyle while being a student is hard enough. blog pun updated tiap kali habis final je hahaha :'))

  10. OMG it has been so long! hi amer, i've missed you, I mean your blogpost ^^. Welcome back

  11. Kalau duduk rumah sewa freedom habislah ya

  12. long time no see amer! perghhh pandai menari rupanyaaa. nanti ajar la step zapin. tibeee hahaha.

    and inshaaAllah.. PASS punya lah! hehhee

  13. goodluck with your study! sincere wish from a 4th year senior lol =)