DIY: Repaint and Decorate My Room

July 21, 2019

Last month, along the way home from my internship place, my mind kept dishing a lot of redecorating ideas for my small room at hometown. I was thinking a "Simple and Classy" room tho.

As soon as I've arrived, I asked my dad, "Do we have white paint?". Obviously, now you already know what my new room will look like. Surprise!

But before I go any further, lemme reveal a little bit about my "old version" room. Yes, it was so purple because 6 years ago, dumb dumb me thought that purple was so calming and romantic. I was wrong. (Purple-maniac don't bash me, please~) Then I have a picture of a tree because I thought it could gimme good relieving sight but ...we will just skip that part.

So yeah, I repainted my room in white. Now I feel so free and wide. Even when in the dark (night) I still can feel that I'm in a biggggggg white box. 

I think I have made a good decision.

Done "Simple" part, but where is the "Classy"?

First, I need a big mirror so I can see myself and practice talking in front of it when I have an interview the next morning. But a big mirror is quite expensive for me tho, so here is the DIY part where I went bombarding "Everything at RM2" stores. 

I grabbed 12 single mirrors (RM24), 2 tin of wood glues (Rm4) and 10 masking tapes (RM20). My total expenses were RM48.00. 

Will I make it? Let's see the result.


Here is my 3X3 mirror size where I can see from my head to knee clearly. I collected the pallet wood from somewhere at the back of shops. How could they throw these pretty woods just like that? :'(

I left the mirror tapped for one whole night to let it stick well on the wood and the glue.

Next, I present to you the one and only masterpiece of my whole life. Lol hahahahhaha!!

I painted a simple abstract on my wall to add up value on my plain wall. All I need were those remaining masking tapes, brushes, and paints. Oh yes, don't forget to put also a little bit of creativity and patient because doing this acquires me to be patient like 300% more than usual.

After a whole day of taping and painting, here is the result!

Done, for now, I was so sweaty and smelly.

I also engaged a professional cleaning company for curtain cleaning and mattress cleaning service for my room as it has been a while since these were thoroughly cleaned.

I have a lot more upcoming ideas but it's okay I will keep it first. Slowly but surely, right!

Who says we need to spend a lot to have a good room decoration, Just DIY!

What do you think about my new version room? Anything should I add?

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  1. That 300% patience is why I just paint my room half half je. Lol. THe mirror turns out amazing. I'm excited to see how the rest of it will turns out. All the best!

    1. Ya tho. I need to tape, paint, remove tape then suddenly the paint split on the wrong part zzz.. troublesome but the output is great!! I'm excited too honestly!

  2. cool .. the painting is beautiful..

  3. Nice, Amer. I wish that I can have better art skill and be more creative like you.

    1. Hahah thanks jannah. everyone can be creative tho

  4. splendid!

    i wish i could decorate my own room...if i have one xD