6 Things To Do In Your First Year Of Blogging

August 18, 2019

First of all, I never realize that my blog is already almost 4 years old. Wow! I'm such a bad owner hahaha.

Disclaimer: Not all of these I did in my first year of blogging.

So here are some of the things that I did in my first year of blogging and some I started late, for example, the first tips where I only realize how important to have a planner after two years of blogging. I have learned my lessons but I want you to learn earlier. 
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Okay, do not waste any time. Let's get started!

1st - Have a Planner

Get your blog organized! Create or download a planner if that’s your style. Have a blogging bulletin board if that’s how you roll. Just try to contain all of those notes, ideas, and lists in one place. So, you will have a proper plan of when and what to post every week.
2nd - Follow Successful Blogs

Follow other successful blogs. Study what they do and how they do it. Participate in some of the socializing aspects to get a feel for it even more for example join the giveaway hosted by other bloggers. Simply commenting, liking, tweeting, or linking can help you network without any cost but time. Sometimes bloggers even share their secrets–keep your eyes out for these posts! You can also write about them in your blog. Being friendly tho, you will get many friends! I did once last time. Read here.
3rd - Host Giveaways

If you have joined several giveaways, you can try to host your own giveaway. This will give you a chance to learn how to interact with the bloggers and start to get more followers. At first, you may have to hunt someone down and advertise your giveaway in the comment box or simply email them. Most blogger would put their email on their website. People love free stuff, so it’s a great way to build the social reach for both of you. You can see how much contributions that I get for hosting a giveaway. It's very worthy! Here I attach the link of my previous giveaway. Read here.
4th - Pinteresting!

Be Pinteresting, means create a Pinterest account and link it to your blog. I've done it before for my VSCO editing tips post and DIY Plant Cell Model. The result was so impressive. I've gained a lot of traffic from Pinterest itself. Plus, be Pin friendly on your site by having “Pin it” sharing options on posts, pages, and images. Well, I did that, try to hover on my image and you will see the Pinterest logo. When adding your pictures to your posts, fill out the alt description, include the URL to that specific post, and hashtag the keywords. 

And I even get featured in one of the science popular sites!!!! Owlcation!

5th - Join Affliates

Can you start to make money in your first year? Well, why not? I did!
Not all bloggers care to make money, but some would like to. One of the first things you can do is look into affiliate programs because Adsense is very fussy for a beginner. Affiliate is basically you are writing a promotional post for a product and start getting a commission for every purchase was made through you. For example, I signed up to SiteGiant affiliate program. They give good support and even give you RM20 as a welcoming gift.
6th - Write Guest Post

GUEST POST! Try to contribute to a blog with a larger audience by writing a guest post for them and sometimes you can link that post to some of your post on your website. It's a win-win deal, right! You get exposure and the host has something to publish. But, make sure that you provide quality content.
7th - Bonus!

What? Seven? I thought this was a list of six. Well, guess what? This bonus suggestion is a keeper for new and seasoned bloggers alike. Read on my friend, read on!
7th! - Take a Break

You must take a break! This is very important. Almost more important than every other suggestion on this list. If you are starting this to have fun, make sure you’re having fun (Like me!). If you find yourself writing about things you don’t care about. Stop. Regroup. Start again. In the blogosphere, you have to create your own limits. Humans are not machines. Once in awhile you need to shutdown and restart yourself

Now you know everything. Make sure you do all these in your first year of blogging. Please don't be like me, a man who only realize how important all these after years of blogging. 

Hope these could help!

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  1. Nice tip. I do take a break some time but mostly because I thought I spend too much time on it.
    Btw, it's good to see you back, pal!

    1. We all need break. Thanks for the warm welcoming hahah.. I'll try my best!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Amer. Very helpful for someone who is in first year of blogging like me. Hope you stay active blogging.

  3. As long we having fun with what we did (blogging),that should be okay.Thanks for the tips!waiting for your next fantastic post!

  4. nice tips amer! thank you for sharing :D

  5. Nice tips bro! Even this is my 3rd year of blogging haha

    1. hahaha kita membesar sama-sama kan. Thank you too