My Super Weird and Chaotic Internship Experience (Part 1)

February 21, 2020

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Lol, guys. I promise this story is worse than the title itself. I think this story is gonna be a little bit long because I'll try to sum up my 4 months of the internship so let's start.

I actually did my internship last year in the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Bangi, Selangor under the Bioinformatics Units. Everything was fine and good. The working environment was superb.

But, that is not the highlight for today. What I want to share is my chaotic life during that period.

First, FYI I'm a Kedahan who studies in Melaka, so Bangi is very alien to me. I have no relatives or friends live there which makes the process more complicated. I need to find my own place to stay by myself. I need to pack and move my things also by myself.

But it's okay, "I'm born to be dependent", Amer said without thinking twice...


So I accepted the internship offer and prepared my things. First, I looked for a room to rent on I scrolled up and down to see if there's any affordable room left and near to MPOB. Luckily, there's one guy (a total stranger) posted an announcement that he's also seeking a room because he will start the internship in MPOB too. He left a phone number. Did call him? Yes, I did. *typical friendly Amer

I asked him whether he already got a room or not. He said yes. He's living with 7 people in a house and he actually had started the internship a month earlier than me. Means, he already stayed there for a while. I asked him again hoping for an empty space left for my poor soul (desperate) in that house. Again, he offered me a place. He seems like a nice person, so I trust him. He helped me to settle the contract and payment bla bla bla.

On that important day, my parents came from Kedah to Melaka to help me move my stuff, while I rode my motorcycle to the designated house. It's in Bangi 1 and it took about 1 hour to reach there. The Waze said I have arrived, so I moved back and forth on the same road to find the house. But, honestly, frankly speaking, I did not even recognize that house like a house.


Let me describe it a bit. Now imagine an old 2-story house with an old rusty metal fence. The wall is white and the roof is red. A lot of small plants are creeping through the door grille. Neglected house yard with grass that is at least half of my height. Do you have the picture now?

I reconfirmed the house with the guy again since there was no one in the house at that time. I entered the house using the key left by that guy. A step inside, I feel like a very cold breeze blowing on my face. GOOSEBUMP. The house is so dusty with a lot of spider web at every corner of the ceiling. My parents started to worry about this but it's too late. My internship started tomorrow so I waited for the guys to come back and talk. My parents left me alone and went back to Kedah.

I waited until 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM and lastly 12AM still no one come home. I started to hear weird sounds downstairs. Oh yes, my room was upstairs. It's already midnight, so I went to sleep first. Only until about 1AM, the guys came home. Let's call him S. Finally, I see a person, perhaps. We had a very short chat and I fell asleep. Luckily there was nothing happened to me. Thank God.

The next morning, it was my first day. Guess what, I COULD NOT START MY MOTORCYCLE. Dammmit! S offered a ride so we went to the office together.

Fuhhh that's just the beginning.

I'll continue tomorrow. It's 2:30AM and I need to sleep. Nite.

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