Ultimate Tips To Score MUET Speaking Test

February 27, 2020

Hello guys! Are you taking MUET soon?

Well, I can feel the nerve-wracking inside you, yeah!

If you want to read more about Muet. You can read it here https://eduadvisor.my/muet/. I find this page really good and resourceful.

Source: https://eduadvisor.my/muet/
Back to the topic.

We all know that Muet will be divided into 2 parts which are "Speaking" and "Listening, Reading and, Writing". So, today I'll just focus on 1 part which is a speaking test.

Here are some tips that I can share:

1. Make a very clear point in which everyone can talk and get along with it, especially when you are the first speaker. Do not bring out complicated points where you can not explain yourself. You are putting a burden on your shoulder and others.

2. Initiate a healthy discussion. Try to ask and give opinions without overshadowing or downgrading other people's points. This is not a debate after all. Avoid sudden interruption to the other speakers while they are talking. Show some manners.

3. Use bombastic words with confidence. I believe not all of us (including me) masters the high-level vocabulary. So if you want to use rare words, use it with confidence. Don't doubt yourself as if you are trying hard and not being yourself.

4. Eye contact. Show that you are confident by using clear eye contact with whom you are speaking. For example, you are trying to argue with speaker 3, so look into his/her eyes. Avoid looking at the ceiling when you are talking. Big No-No.

5. Control your emotions. Some people have anger management problems where they hardly accept the fact that they are wrong or their point was not valid. If you are one of them, please be professional because keeping your emotions stable is one of the good speaking skills.

6. Listen carefully to the other speakers. Even if you have done your part, keep an ear to what others say. Some points may be useful for you in the next session.


7. Manage your time well. Finish your points in the time given. Please do not exceed the time and struggle to finish your point. This is very important because some invigilators are very strict and fierce lol. They won't compromise with any delay. So, make your long points short and compact.

I write all these based on my own experiences back in 2016.

I hope it's helpful. Good luck guys!!!

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