How To Flex Your Flower Photos Using VSCO

November 20, 2019

Hello guys. Welcome back to my channel! *just imagine that I was talking on the Youtube screen*

So today I, as usual, will tell you the quick, sweet and short ways on how I always flex nature (flowers for today) photos using the free access VSCO account.

Well, you can check out few others here:  HOW TO USE VSCO: Tips and Tricks and Sky Views in Mallaca.

Before I proceed, these photos were taken during my staycation in Genting and the weather was nice also the lighting was superb. I guess it plays the biggest role in the photo performance hahaha. Hence, it's easier for me to edit.

Just in case you haven't read my Genting Travelogue. Here's the link: 2 Days 1 Night at Genting Highland, Malaysia

Let's start!

1. THE SMALL SUNFLOWER? I guess so...

I don't know the name. It's okay we were not in the flower naming class. As you can see the photo is a little bit warm and faded. I don't know why but I really really really into tale during the editing so I played with the temperature and chose the filter that also gives orange touch. So here you go, my first masterpiece.

A4 / Analog +6.0, exposure -0.5, contrast +0.5, temp +1.5

2. ANOTHER YELLOW FLOWER. I'm so sorry I don't know their name...

Here it's a little bit different compared to the previous photo. I wanna make it looks classy and shady and boom! Simply I just want it to have a versatile effect. So I quit orange/tale touch. I trynna increase the brightness and contrast so that it saturated a bit to enclose its details. The photo even looks sharper than its original one. Ohhh all of these photos were taken using Honor 8 camera, just for your information. I don't have enough budget to get Canon. *saddd T^T

NC / Neocha +5.0, exposure +1.5, contrast +0.5, temp +1.0 

So there you have two masterpieces presented gracefully by me. Hah! Sorry angkat bakul sendiri

You know, as an amateur in the editing world, I mean we are not the professional, so just edit as much as we like, right. It's for us. So be you be happy.

That's all for today in this post. See you in another post!!

p/s: I really need to do a youtube account. I'm speaking while writing for real. the heck!?

bye!! =D

p/s2: Please comment if you like it!!!

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  1. I think you should make a youtube account lol. Btw, love the photos. Never used vsco before. Kalau nak upload photo dekat insta pulaki always use insta filter je ^^'

    1. Thank you so much!!! You need to try to use it.

  2. Alamak typo pulak. Macam mencarut pun ada. *kalau nak upload photo photo dekat insta pulak I always use insta filter je*

    Okay done XD

  3. Yes, you should create YouTube channel👍🏻. Can try video editing after photo editing😂.

    1. I hope i have time to do that.. Can't wait to finish the study

  4. Such a great tips.
    It's been a while since I last use VSCO cam, nowadays I use Lightroom both on my laptop and mobile.
    Maybe I should try and download VSCO again just to change some mood.
    Thanks for the brief tutorial.

    1. Lightroom is very very very good too seriously if you are doing it on laptop. But mobile version wasn't offer much. I prefer vsco more.

  5. Replies
    1. Free but limited filter and function. But for me the free version is enough. (i also use free version)