Be a One-Day Scientist

November 18, 2016


     Recently, Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST) was conducting an event named "Be a One-Day Scientist" where we invited all students from any faculties to experience the perks of being a scientist. *nice right?*

Well, eventually I was one of the committee members for this event. (but I was "un-purposely" skip the practical, sorry)

     It was actually an event to promote our course (Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Bioinformatics) to the students since they mostly don't even know about our existence for real probably because of our small number of student. But believe me, it's a golden opportunity to study here, equipped with advance facilities and also talented and expertise lecturers.

So, in this event we did some experiments with our own DNA! Probably in making of our clone! Extract them out from our body and watch how it looks like with our own naked eyes. Can you feel the perks of being a one day scientist right now? :')

First, participants (including me) need to rub their cheek with a popsicle stick for 30 seconds. That was seriously really disgusting when the sticky saliva leaking from the mouth uh... flowing down my chin. Damnnn.. can you imagine that? Don't!

But it was still in control because we had provided with tissues. :')
But the best part after all was after the rubbing session, we need to mouthwash a cup of water for 60 seconds and can't swallow! Put it back in a small cup and guess what? The were something "unwanted" appeared in that mouthwashed-water. Well not much, just some chili and tiny portions of meat. Typically right? Hm okay...I won't talk more on this. *yucks*

     After all those hilarious procedures, the result was very satisfying and beautiful anyway. It was an experience that people can't easily get in their life. Only in MMU bruh... so to those MMU-ains that didn't get this opportunity due to a high response, wait for next year okay. We will serve you for more exciting activities and again only in MMU.

Be a One-Day Scientist in MMU

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  1. Euww. Just euww. Euwwwww. Thanks for the details. I'm never going to volunteer to do that. My sister took this course as well, but she is in UM. Euww, now I feel pity for her.

    1. I think I should upload more pictures of the product of our saliva hahahah... Must be awesome!

  2. Salam :) if u don't mind me asking, are u under any scholarship studying there, and, this course is under science data/analysis, right?
    Big thanks, sir !

    1. Hi, First, you an call me Amer instead of sir. Hahahaha..

      Second, yes, I'm studying here with JPA scholarship straight after my SPM in 2015.

      Third, actually Bioinformatic might be closely related to data/analytic science. Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleansing, preparation, and analysis, dealing with unstructured and structured data from various fields of science. (I don't know much about this,sorry)

      while, bioinformatic is more to the experimenting and researching the genome code and DNA sequences in living things. We merely learn about the DNA and cell, we collect the data and experiment them to enhance the function. In other word, bioinformaticist is likely a researcher.

      You can email me: for any inquiries. Hope it's helping.

    2. Salam Ramadhan Amer :) Oh, okay I got it. That was a good, long explanation tho, no need to sorry bro. Thank you by the way. I wish you a happy journey in achieving your dreams. May Allah ease your way.