Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

November 07, 2016

Today is the day!

BUT it's not my day anymore. SPM 2015 is just a hectic history full with tragic memories.

Reminiscing the day, months before the first day of the SPM started.

It was the time where we need to choose either study or friends or maybe a "relationship" at the same time. Dramas were one of the spices added to the memories.

Sek. Men. Sultan Abdul Halim (JENAN), the place where the memories were drawn. Hm... I really want to climb the water tank but never get a chance. The polls are way too rusty and brittle...

There were a lot of classes that we need to attend. Tired af but believe me, its worth. The "Bio Outreach" especially, can you imagine how every weekend from 8 am to 11 pm every day, we need to study biology, talk biology, see biology, hear biology and even act biology. Dayummm...

Not just that, add math, yes that super extra advance beyond the thought math. For real, I was a dumb at first but slowly I tried to wake up and learn. (But still, sleep in class *each class*). Until one day, I was too sleepy but I tried hard to focus in the class. I asked my teacher a question, she explained and I slept while she was standing right beside me. Hahaha at least I have tried. :)

          So here the top 3 classes that I slept in the most:

          1) Physics
          2) Add math
          3) History

P/s: Physics isn't my type. It is too much. Sorry, madam. :|

A week before the war begins, I couldn't take it anymore, just a little bit. So "TEPU" you know? 


Some more to share, I left the whole one question in add math paper two and three other questions in paper one. I stuck for 20 minutes before I started my English essay that finally I chose to write an argumentative essay instead of narrative that I had never done before *such an idiot

And the funniest part was I finished my engineering drawing in the first one hour, wasted another 1 and a half hour after that, standing in front of the hall, pretended to repair my tools for 15 minutes, looking at my friends struggling here and there hahahahaha... well the invigilators quite nice tho.

So here some photos,

This is my forever buddy
Amsyar, me, Bazlee, Najib and Shahrul

It's a must to take a picture on the last day of SPM15, right? 
Can you see my struggle af face?  Such a relief... 

Ah did I tell you my result? Thanks, Allah, I passed with flying colors, 10As. :)



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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, but I still don't get it. Are you promoting your service or my post was like a thesis Hahahaha.. just asking.

  2. I think u should post my photo a lot in this article...BIAQ DEPA TAU NAJIB YANG MANA..huhuhu

    1. Ye lah najib.. nanti kita buat reunion aku post bnyak2

  3. Eeee rindunya nak amek SPM lagi hahaha. Wah wah banyaknya A bak lah sikit kita nak A lagi 3 je nak bagi cukup 8. Bak sikit hahaha

    1. Hahahah.. boleh je nak bagi A tu.. tpi kena bayar lah hehehehe :P