November 02, 2016

GREAT. Semester 1 just ended and I got sucked in the boredom. *nice*. I don't know if this a great idea or not. I'm gonna start blogging. To be honest, I wouldn’t have so much to say.

but, sigh...

Semester break is way too long (3 weeks, 21 days specifically). I need something to work my brain tho. Facing the social media for the whole day really doesn't help me. I become dramatically lame. I MISS MY LECTURE HALL.

let's start writing. 

How will this thing work? I write and you read and you judge me and I am catastrophically happy? *luvyaa*. Sounds easy enough. Okay, I suck at this. Errrr, now what? :')

so people can read my blog now? 

Dammit, that is embarrassing. 


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