Stop Labeling, Start Living

November 19, 2016

   There is something in some circumstances, that we don't even need a matured age or appearance or title to argue or voice an opinion but just simply need to be "PROFESSIONAL".

   I don't know why but here some of my thought, people nowadays are too much wasting their life judging others like no one is better than them. 

Don't they have a life? because sometimes, how others speak...what others wear... how others eat...

or even

   How others hold a pen... also can be a GOLDEN POINT for this group of people to start their "unethical" judgment.

   For instance, from my own nearest radius of the community, everyone knows English is the second language that people use. So they might not truly power that language at all, right? PERFECTLY INCLUDING ME.

But why? 

   Why people keep mocking these new learners because of their silly faults on daily speak instead of teaching them the correct way, especially when they are speaking in English.

   Me, myself also not once but many times have experienced this situation where people ( mostly the expert ) tend to make jokes on my clumsy grammar and my pronunciation. Yeah.. but I mostly took it as a challenge for me to improve myself day by day. But, I believe not everyone can swallow all those sarcasm easily, I guess.

   When being asked why they did that rather than teaching them the correct way, they will always answer "This is how the way we teach." really appreciate but sadly, they never care about what the other's feeling after that.

So here I want to share a very simple tip on how to correct someone's English without embarrassing them.


For example,

New learner : My mom is comes back today from Chicago.
Expert           : So your mom is coming back soon? You must be totally excited!

Can you see the politeness of how you're trying to help them in the right way? I guess yes!

   But maybe some will say "They will only change if they do notice that they were wrong" or "Even it's hurt, but we must speak the truth". Chill, that's true but just try to be more understanding, English isn't our mother tongue in the first place and still be our second language. 

   Don't be too strict, in fact, no one like strict teachers, am I right? and even, people will be more appreciative and thanks us. 

So stop labeling and start living. Trust yourself, pals...

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  1. kesimpulannya... mengajarlah dengan cara yang terbaik hingga di sayangi oleh orang lain :D