Please Don't Go

August 21, 2017

"Let's face it. We just aren't meant to be. It's my fault for not appreciating you"

You're fire and I'm water.

You burn brightly. You're energetic. fierce, strong, and warm. You could do anything. You're passionate. a little hot-headed sometimes, occasionally a bit dangerous, but you can love like nobody else.

I'm calming. I go with the flow. I'm cool, but not in a good way. My heart is cold. I crash into everything, like waves. I engulf things. Anyone that meets me ends up changed for the worse. I'm the ocean during a storm. And I don't want your fire to be extinguished by my water. So I'm letting you go. Now get out, before you drown.

But before that, I demand you one thing.

Weekend please don't go.

I need more rest, more sleep, more bed, more food.

What a hectic week and still no sign of ends.

Honestly, I'm so tired. I have so many works that I really want to enclose here but I have no time to write a long long long post. Nevermind I will find some space for it. I need some rest.

Just a short escape from the asylum and have a low-cost self-addict portrait.  

Hahahaha.. don't blame me if you get sore eyes.

Also, read VSCO: TIPS AND TRICKS, I shared some tips to make your pictures boom!

And for these pictures, I used F2: Mellow +7.6 ,Exposure -3.0 and Contrast -1.2.

Follow my Instagram (@ameridzuan) for more sore eyes factors pictures. :P

Database and Cell midterm gonna hit me this week. Pray to God.

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  1. Bila dah habis belajar ni, dah tak sedar bila weekdays, bila weekend T__T

    1. Hahahah betullah tu. Time student je lah akan ambil tahu semua tuh ><

  2. ingat model mana terlepas tadi hahahaha. bertabahlah wuwuwuwuw T-T

    p/s: baca tajuk automatik ternyanyi lagu "please don't go" hahaha

    1. Hahahha takde maknanya model terlepas dekat sini hahaha... Dah agak dah mesti ada yg nyanyi hahah

  3. Yes.. please dont go.
    But weekend is coming hiks!